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left. — relationship w/ villain!todoroki

relationship w/ villain!todoroki

» headcanons for villain todoroki falling for the reader and eventually entering a relationship with them

» warning : little suggestive content towards the end.


— you appear on the battlefield one day and suddenly he loses all focus on the heroes he was originally planning to take on

— at first he doesn’t understand why you’ve piqued his attention in such a weird way. you make him feel something he’s never felt before

— it doesn’t take him long to realize that he’s fallen for you, but the fact that you’re a hero really upsets him

— still, even though you are his enemy, he can never stop dreaming about you and him together. kissing you, holding you, you reserving a certain smile just for him. he’s just so very smitten with you

— anytime there’s a chance of you showing up to a crime scene, he’ll be there. he always wants to catch even a glimpse of you in person, whether he’s engaged in a fight with you and/or other heroes, or if he has to hide somewhere while you’re patrolling an area

— there’s a difference to how he fights other pros and how he fights you. against other heroes, he goes all the way and makes sure to appear as intimidating as possible. against you, he will still challenge you, except he’s a little more playful

— at times he’ll frequently send a smirk your way, and the kind that would clearly suggest his interest in you (his heart flutters when he sees you attempting to maintain your composure, knowing full well that he caught you off guard)

— he doesn’t like having to depart with the LOV once they’ve accomplished whatever they needed to (unless they’re forced to retreat before they’re able to). lately he’s been wanting to exchange more than just a few words with you. he wants to get to know you, and hopefully you won’t start attacking him the second you see him

— one night he’ll follow you home, but some petty villains decide to try and trap you somehow, and before you could defend yourself, suddenly they’ve become ice sculptures. you knew very well who’s quirk this was, and yet, you weren’t feeling very frightened for whatever reason. you seemed to look forward to seeing todoroki

— “i caught you smiling at me for a split second. what’s that about?” he’ll say with that familiar smirk of his. turns out, you’ve also developed the same interest in him, it surprises him that you don’t take long to reveal that to him

— but boy, is he feeling the happiest he’s ever been

— you also tell him how conflicted you’ve been feeling about where you stood. should you remain a hero, after you’ve worked so hard to get there, as well as continuing to stay separated from the man you wanted more than anything, even though he’s a wanted criminal? you feel so guilty and troubled about what you should act upon

— as much as he wants you to join his side, as much as he wants you to choose him, he wants you to make the decision for yourself. he’d never want to force you into anything (he wants to be nothing like his shit father)

— if you decide to remain a hero, he’ll understand. however, it saddens him that he’ll only be able to visit you so much. you’re a busy person, and he worries about you returning home safe and sound

— always on the lookout for any creeps/other villains who try to follow you. he will threaten them with or without his quirk. “i’ll make sure you never set foot near them again.”

— if you decide to go with him, he is so. so happy. the most you’ll see of his reaction to this decision is the kind of smile that makes your heart throb, it easily prompts you to reflect it back

— now that you and him are together, there’s never a moment where the two of you are not seen with each other

— you fight alongside one another, even more chaos can be created since both of your quirks compliment each other very well. you two have a lot of fun causing trouble for the heroes (especially if you and him run into Endeavor)

— onto the general relationship

— he’s always hungry for kisses, and it doesn’t matter where you both are. he doesn’t mind PDA because he wants everyone to know that you‘re his (however, PDA won’t be shown far too excessively)

— dates always take place at night, where you and him are able to move as freely and stealthily as possible, sneaking around and discussing just about anything (obviously you and him are limited on what you can do as well as where you can go without being caught)

— holding hands all the time or him having an arm secured around your waist <3 (many hugs and cuddles in private)

— enjoys flustering you from time to time, such as calling you “baby” in that deep voice of his, which never ever fails to catch you off-guard, whether you’re distracted or not (acts like he doesn’t enjoy it if you do it back, but he honestly loves it)

— he’s very territorial and protective of you. anybody who tries to allure you will be threatened by him and/or he will kiss you right in front of them (either nice and slow or fast and dirty)

— if anybody tries to hurt you on the other hand, that’s a different story

— if the person goes so far as to lay a hand on you, todo won’t hesitate to trap them in ice. as an alternative, he’ll snatch the person’s arm with a searing grip

— he loves you so very much, he’ll always remind you of that

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mistletoe // bakugo x f!reader

» summary : he wants to be the one to kiss her under the mistletoe. he just needs a bit of a push from his friends.

» word count : 1170

» tags : fluff-ish?, reader’s kinda shy, soft!bakugo (towards the end)

» note : okay, i know i’m like several days late from Christmas, but i’ve been super busy that i wasn’t able to post this silly little fic earlier (also- sorry if it is a little rushed/choppy here n’ there). just wanted to clear that up. happy new year, everyone!


If there is one thing Bakugo didn’t want to spend the whole evening doing, it was keeping a constant and watchful eye on her… especially if she were only a few steps away from that evergreen plant hanging above everyone. The boy would rather kick back and focus on filling his stomach with delicious food all without a care in the world. But then again… it’s worse if he paid no mind on where she’d walk to and from, otherwise she’d get caught under that mistletoe with someone who was not him.

He grit his teeth slightly, internally scolding himself for not having the confidence to walk up to the girl and spend time with her. She’s been hanging around the Dekusquad for almost a whole hour now, and not once has she stopped by his own like she has several times in the recent past. She did seem to have a good relationship with the latter, so, she would eventually come by to see them, right?

It did especially worry him to see her laughing along with the damn nerd, more so than anger him. What if the two of them like each other and end up under the—

“Heyyyy, Bakugo! Why do you look so upset? It’s Christmas!” Ashido exclaimed, her expression displaying much wonder at the concern on his face…

… which instantly turned into displeasure. “Tch, the hell are you talking about? You’re seeing things, Racoon Eyes.” Aaand now he’s back.

Another blond boy merrily stepped in beside him. “Gee, Baku, no need to be a big ol’ Scrooge!”

“Shut up. I—” When he suddenly glanced over in her direction, she was no longer in Deku’s group, resulting in his eyes to rapidly search for where she might’ve gone.

And that’s when his lungs stopped drawing in air.

Todoroki was in her path.Go the other fucking way, (l/n)!

Oh no no no, this was not good. While the thought of her kissing Deku would be the worst thing ever, if she ended up kissing the Icy-Hot Bastard instead, that’d be even worse.

(Okay, maybe not as bad as losing to Deku, but it’s still worse!)

His thoughts were then interrupted by a couple ‘idiots’.

“Are you looking at the mistletoe, Bakugo?~” Ashido smirked along with Kaminari, in which he added “And (l/n) too?~”

Explosion Boy frowned at their questioning, but before he could retort, a certain redhead appeared beside him. “You guys think (l/n) and Todoroki might be into each other? The two of them were pretty close to the mistletoe but not close enough, if she hadn’t walked elsewhere.”

Kaminari snickered at the face of utter disgust Bakugo made at Kirishima’s comment. “H’well, if they are, Bakugo might just explode.”

Kirishima quirked an eyebrow before turning to his ill-tempered friend. “Huh?”

“Yeah! Bakugo’s got a crush on (l/n)—”

“SHUT UP!” Bakugo snapped at Ashido, clenching his fists and baring his teeth at each of his friends. “I don’t have a fucking crush on her.”

Then what’s with the shade of pink on your face?

“You’re probably right.” Said Ashido with a teasing smile. “But you think maybe Todoroki does? After all, they are pretty close. Imagine how it will play out when they find each other under the mistletoe…”

Bakugo’s eye twitched at that sentence.

“May I kiss you?” He asks, and with a smile, she replies “You may.”

He then carefully pulls her towards his lips, and he kisses her so passionately that her knees become weak! And then he whispers…

“You’ve no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that.” His eyes are soft. They never look away from hers.

She blushes, and then she says “Kiss me again.”

And they reconnect their lips, holding each other so close and then they say they love each other!

“Aghhh! So romantic!!” The pink girl squealed, earning a bit of laughter from the two boys who listened to her brief scenario. And Bakugo? Well, there might as well be steam blasting out of his ears. What makes her think that Todoroki could pull off something like that? He wouldn’t fucking know how! Or even if he did, he had to be a bad kisser, right?!

That fucking does it.

Spoke his mind, and then he leaves the group without them really noticing.

“Are you sure Todoroki would be able to do that?” Kaminari chuckled.

“It’s the quiet ones you gotta watch out for, Kami.” She said before letting out a chortle. “But hey, I’m just messing around with Bakugo!”

But, where WAS Bakugo?

“Uh, where’d he go, Kiri?” She asked, wondering why his eyes were widened slightly. Kaminari wondered the same.

“The answer to your question is right over there.” He responded, and the faces of his friends reflected his own at the sight they saw in the distance:

Bakugo and (l/n) just found one another under the mistletoe… but, will she kiss him? Reciprocate his feelings? Or will he be rejected?

Only one way to find out.

“I almost thought we wouldn’t find each other under here.” She spoke somewhat timidly, glancing down at her feet as her cheeks began to warm up. Her heart was beating really fast as well. “Um, we don’t have to—”


“Don’t even finish that sentence.” He said, which definitely caught her by surprise.


“I wouldn’t be in the position if I didn’t want this, now would I?” He questioned, his ruby red eyes piercing hers.

She gulped nervously before responding. “I-I mean, unless you weren’t really paying attention—”

“Did you want someone else?”

“What?… No, no I didn’t.”

“Then…” he began slowly, his gaze softening upon meeting her beautiful (e/c) irises once again. “… can I kiss you?”

In that moment was when her heart stopped. He… he wants to kiss you! Which also means that… he likes you too! More than in a friendly way. He feels the same way you do!!

“I mean this when I say it, (l/n)…”

She shivers slightly when he lifts her chin gently, causing her to stutter a reply. “Wh-what’s that?”

He exhaled softly against her lips, resulting the red in her cheeks to brighten. This was not the approach she would’ve expected from him, at least at first.

“When it comes to you, I’m always paying attention.” He whispered, before meeting her lips in a tender kiss. Even the slightest touch from him made her head spin.

Despite the two of them holding no experience, they were doing whatever they could to find out how and what gets the other person to moan even slightly.

Their kiss lasted briefly, however, when loud cheers erupted suddenly in the background, startling the two of them (much to your guys’ annoyance). But before much could be said from their friends, Bakugo carefully pulled her along with him to his room, in which she eagerly complied.

For the rest of the night, the only time they wanted to spend was with each other.

“shut up!” prank

» headcanons for their reactions to their child telling their wife to ‘shut up’ but it’s actually a prank

» warning : language (cuz u know how bakugo is).

» characters : bakugo, midoriya, todoroki

» note : so i recently watched a video compilation of kids telling their mother to shut up as part of a prank and recording the father’s reaction, and they were all really funny so i was inspired to do hcs for the main three cx



— so your husband is on the couch watching tv, completely oblivious to you and your child snickering quietly at each other. you’re currently dusting the blinds around the living room while your kid is sitting on one of the chairs near the couch, playing a mobile game.

— you say “(child’s name), have you taken a bath yet?”

— “no, not yet, i’m busy.” your child responds as they continue playing on their phone.

— “well your bedtime is in an hour, so you should get in now.”

— “no! shut up, mom!”

mr. bakugo is stunned. he turns to you with widened but angry-looking eyes before he turns his head to his child.

“what the fuck did you just say to your mother?” is what he ALMOST said, but he avoids cursing and instead says “what did you just say? you don’t talk to your mother like that!”

— he expects an answer from his kid, but definitely not the laughing kind, and just when he was about to ask what was so funny, you start laughing too. he is nothing but staggered by what is going on right now.

— “we got him, mom!” your child guffaws, and when you nod back in agreement is when he realizes that this was all a prank. initially, he just rolls his eyes and utters a ‘tch’ (but then the corner of his lips tilt upwards in amusement soon after, hehe).

— “if that wasn’t a prank, you’d be in big trouble.” he warned, and then you place a kiss atop his head.



— he’s at the dining table reading the latest news on his phone about various pro heroes, far too distracted in the article he was reading to notice you and your guys’ kid giggling softly in the other room, before you both would enter the kitchen.

— you and your child initiate the prank by preparing a late night snack for them, and so you ask “(child’s name), have you cleaned up your room yet?”

— “no, i’ll do it later.”

— “how about doing it now so you won’t have to do it later?”

— “shut up! i’ll do it when i want to!”

mr. midoriya picks up his head immediately. did his kid just…?

— “what did you just say to her, (child’s name)? you better apologize.” the look in his eyes are pretty stern, but it’s nothing like the display bakugo would give (this isn’t to say he’s less upset about what his kid did).

boy, is the bewildered look on his face just so funny to see the second you and your kid start laughing. in his mind, he’s like ‘what is happening right now?’

— you tell him that you both just pulled a prank on him, and all he responds with is a laugh as well. “we got you, dad!” (child’s name) exclaims, and he nods in a ‘yes you did’ way.

— “i thought this all was serious! you both really got me.” he chortled, before getting a kiss on the cheek from you.



— your husband is in the kitchen helping you prepare dinner for tonight, completely unaware of the playful smirk you and your child makes while he stirs the pasta into the pot.

— with a warm smile, you ask your child “did you finish all your homework, (child’s name)?”

— “no, i’ll do it tomorrow.”

— “but it’s due tomorrow, honey.”

— “i said i’ll do it tomorrow, so shut up!”

mr. todoroki (figuratively) freezes in place for a brief moment, before he slowly turns his head with a shocked look on his face, and then is quickly replaced by a dour expression.

— “what did you just say? you do not speak to your mother like that. you take that back right now.”

— once your child starts laughing, you can no longer keep it in either, causing your husband to quirk his eyebrows at the sudden burst of laughter filling the air. todo is so confused about what’s happening at the moment. did he miss something?…

— you giggle into his shoulder before explaining the situation, and all he can do is just chuckle with a shake of his head.

— “alright, alright, you both fooled me.” he states with an amused smile, before you press a loving kiss to his lips.

start over // todoroki x f!reader

» summary : the day after the party in the 1A dorms, he treated her as if he didn’t know her. but then he comes to realize soon enough that he made a big mistake, so he goes to apologize to her in hopes that he’ll be given another chance.

» word count : 1020

» warning : uh, read the first part so you know what’s going on.

» tags : angst, fluffy ending, aged-up characters (third years)

» note : someone requested a second part to my previous drabble (link below), and though i don’t really take requests, i felt like giving it a second part. hope you like it. uvu

→ first part


After dropping her off at her room later that night, he’d already forgotten about her.

… Not really, no, especially since she’s the only woman he’s been fixing his attention on for the past several days. She obviously pretends he doesn’t exist, and that continues to make him feel guilty for the way he treated her after that big party. He acted as if they’d never met, and in turn, she’d ignore him and resume her studies.

So why all of a sudden does he feel this desire to go after her? He was already done with her. There were plenty of other girls throwing themselves at him, but now he turns a deaf ear to them, much to their confusion as well as annoyance.

He wanted to be alone with her, and the place he figured she would be in is the library. Opportunely, he caught her exiting the doors and making some distance away from areas with lots of students, which would allow for him to bring her to a private place to talk within the school grounds.

“I’m sorry.” He said in a soft, regretful voice.

Bitterly piqued by the look he was giving, she calmly replied “I have somewhere to be, Todoroki. Leave me alone.”

She used his surname, as he’d expected, but it still hurt.

“(y/n), please—”

Stop. I don’t want to hear whatever you have to say. I know what you really want.”

His lips formed into a straight line at her retort, his eyes narrowed slightly. “If you think I’m apologizing just to get you back into bed with me, you’re wrong. Just— just let me get this off my chest.”

“The hell do you have to get off your chest? I’m nothing to you.

“No, you’re not nothing to me… I know, (y/n), I clearly used you just for my personal gratification. I took advantage of your feelings and left you without hesitation. I treated you as a complete stranger that day, amused by your heartbroken expression… and I regret it all so much. I thought you would be long gone from my mind since then… but instead you stayed, and I couldn’t think about anything else. Even when I tried, I could never get you out of my head.”

Is what he’s saying true, she wondered. He sounded very much contrite about his recent actions, but she’d have to hear some more.

“I’ve come to realize that I’m genuinely in love with you, and that I really want to be with you. You aren’t like any girl I’ve ever met, but I was stupid enough to not realize it after spending frequent time with you.” He said. “I will wait for you if I have to, but at the very least, I wanted to give you my apology for how I treated you.”

Her eyes widened slightly at all of this. As angry and hurt that he made her feel, from the repentant look on his face to the doleful tone of voice, and to the way his eyes held nothing but penitence… she was sure she could feel the sincereness of his words. It caused the rate of her heart to pick up a little.

She thought a moment before speaking. “To be honest, Todoroki,” She began. “… I know the last time we spoke to each other wasn’t that long ago, so of course you haven’t left my mind since. I mean, after what happened, I should hate you… yet, I still watched you from afar from time to time.”

The lids of his eyes rose up slightly, her last sentence leaving him surprised but hopeful.

She released a quiet sigh as she looked in a different direction. “I guess my feelings for you never really left. Even after what happened… I was hoping that maybe you’d come back, and we could start over…”

Hearing that seemed to purge the distressing ache within his heart, his eyes lightly shimmering at her words. She wants to try again with him.

“I want to start over too.” He said. “Give me a chance to make it up to you.”

In one moment more, she gave him a small smile. And in turn, he reflected it back.

Two Weeks Later

“Sho, I’m cold.”

“I’ll go get us a blanket and some snacks.”

“Hurry, Shoto! It’s gonna start!”

“Can’t you pause it?”

“Well yeah, but I’m trying to get you over here faster!” She exclaimed, giggling at the pattering sound of his feet from the kitchen.

It’s their third date tonight, and so they’ve decided to watch a comedy film in the comfort of her home. Fortunately her parents were off on a business trip, so they’d have the house to themselves for a while until they would return to their dorms.

Wrapping the large blanket over themselves, he then carefully brought her upon his lap, so as to enfold his arms around her body and place her head against his chest. An endearing chuckle left his lips when she snuggled up against him, hiding her face in his neck.

“I thought we were gonna watch the movie.”

“We are going to! I’m just basking in all the warmth you’re giving off. Just tell me what you’re seeing on screen for a bit.”

He chuckled once more before pressing a gentle kiss atop her head. “Alright.”

The peck he’d given her prompted her cheeks to deepen the already pink color to a dark red, along with kick-starting her heart into a frenzy.

She glanced up at him, wanting for him to look at her. “Shoto?”

He tilted his head downward in response, his eyes meeting hers. “Hm?”

“I love you.” She murmured, her beautiful (e/c) irises locking him in a hypnotic state.

Never will her loving gazes cease to leave him breathless.

“I love you too, (y/n).” He responded softly, before redirecting his attention to the TV screen.

Deciding to catch him by surprise, she pressed a quick kiss to his cheek and leaned into him further, resulting in the temperature of his left side to hike up briefly.

crushing on the same person

» headcanons + short scenarios for how bakugo and todoroki compete for the reader

» warning : some curse words here n’ there.


Bakugo vs Todoroki

Okay. So to start this off, it will obviously take a bit of time for the two boys to realize that they have a thing for their classmate, (y/n) (l/n), until they eventually come to notice that they share a common thought: Oh, he likes them too? This means war.


From Bakugo’s perspective, he’ll deny the feelings he has for you for a while… yet you’re still on his mind all the time. With every moment he sees and speaks with you, the feeling just grows even stronger, and at some point in which he finally accepts his feelings for you, until he musters the courage to confess somehow, he’ll frequently be observing you from afar. But once he finds out that the icy-hot bastard feels the same for his crush, his rival better watch the fuck out.

From Todoroki’s perspective, it takes a bit longer for him to realize that you make him feel in a way he’s never felt before. Eventually he will come to question himself on why he thinks about you a lot, so of course the first thing he does is ask Midoriya. His friend does the best he can to describe what it means to harbor romantic feelings for someone, and it’s enough for Todoroki to get the picture. He pays even more special attention to you now, but… why does Bakugo look at you in the same way he does?

Challenging Each Other

You’re completely unaware of the love triangle that you’re in, so it’s pretty entertaining to some of the other classmates who are watching the two boys try to one up each other, and for the past few weeks, so much has gone down between the two of them.

Hero Training

Anytime there’s training that involves cooperating with a partner, these two are always trying to get to you first. Of course they’ll bicker a bit behind your back, sometimes getting far too caught up in it to notice that you’ve already found someone to work with (much to their annoyance yet relief that neither of them have to keep a constant eye on one another, if you’d happened to partner with either of the two).

“Oi, Todoroki! (l/n) is MY partner for this exercise!”

Pick someone else.”

Bakugo: >:O

Lunch Hour

Here and there you’ll sit with either the Bakusquad or Dekusquad, but most times you’ve sat with the latter. Usually both groups are some distance apart from each other, until one day you find yourself sitting in between both boys, and once again, several students except you notice some tension radiating from Baku n’ Todo. It’s pretty off for Bakugo to share his food, and it also slightly surprises you that Todoroki wants to share some of his food with you as well.

B: What do you think? It’s good, isn’t it?

T: (l/n), your face is a bit red. Is what he gave you a bit too spicy? I have a water bottle here for you.

B: I know it’s a little hot. Here’s some water.

T: You can have some of my soba if you want. Midoriya told me you’ve never had it before, and I think you would like it.

B: I think you’d love this snack, (l/n). Give it a try!

You: ???

Outside The Classroom / During School Hours

Various scenarios will follow one after another.

— Todoroki asks if you would like to study with him one day? Well the next day, Bakugo “offers” to help you with your homework and study with him as well.

— Bakugo offers to do combat training with you? Todoroki follows up the next day with the same.

— You forgot to bring your lunch? Hopefully you don’t end up in between them again, but if you happen to sit near them, they’ll try to get something of theirs on your plate somehow (most likely when you’re focused on something else or when you’re at the restroom).

— Todoroki slips anonymous notes into your locker with mini messages on them, like a compliment on how you look today as well as how much you make his heart swell (he doesn’t do this on his own, he has Uraraka and Midoriya helping him).

— Bakugo finds out about what his rival’s doing pretty quickly, but he’d rather do something else. So what does he do? Simple, really: he tries to strike more conversations with you rather than relying on some cheesy love notes to attract you to him.

— And things just escalate from there. Todoroki starts conversing with you even more now, much to Bakugo’s displeasure.

Things Start Heating Up

Some days prior to 1A’s next hero training class, you’ve come to finally notice that Bakugo and Todoroki have been acting pretty strange lately, especially towards each other. Of course you’re aware of their competitive relationship, but… it’s never been this bad, right?…

Again, they bicker behind your back but the other students see it all very clearly: they’re fighting over you, and they have been for a couple weeks now.

Recently, in the locker rooms to the dorms and during hero training, some of their classmates have overheard some of their feisty contentions.

— Bakugo argues that Todoroki is unemotional, dense, and boring. “You think (l/n) would want to be with someone like you? You would fucking bore them out of their mind! You’d fail to notice any signs in which they might not be feeling okay! You’re that much of an oblivious idiot that you’ll end up neglecting them!”

— Todoroki counters this by arguing that Bakugo is short-tempered, arrogant, and immature. “And you believe yourself to be a better match for them? I’m sure (l/n) wouldn’t want to be with someone who yells all the damn time. You’re very insensitive at times that you’d end up hurting their feelings. That ego of yours will only drive them away.”

There’s time left in hero training for one more one-on-one battle, so Aizawa chooses Todoroki and Bakugo to fight. This is not gonna end well.

The boys are blinded by rage and determination, both dead set with a single goal in mind: Let’s see who can overawe (l/n) first.

Initially, you as well as everyone else are awestruck by them both, until it all starts to get out of hand pretty quickly. Fortunately, Aizawa catches on and tells the two to meet him in his office later to discuss what the hell is going on between them.

From that point on, they’re mostly on their best behavior, but it’s still a bit difficult for them to conduct themselves when you’re all in the same room together. They continue to glare at each other, of course, and you still have yet to ask them why.

Once you do, who will you choose when one of them asks you: “Is it gonna be him or me?”

soft soap // todoroki x f!reader

» summary : he approaches her during a big party and eventually leads her into his dorm room.

» word count : 396

» warning : mature content (briefly). 18+

» tags : f*ckboy!todoroki, class 1a are 3rd years

» note : “soft soap” is defined as ‘use flattery in order to persuade or cajole (someone) to do something.’ // oh, and this is my first time writing something like this so i hope it’s good,,

→ second part


Two hands — one warm and the other cool — briefly skim upward and downward about her sides until he fastens a gentle grip on her hips, his grey and blue irises glowing with assiduity and relish in response to her submissive gestures and heavenly whines.

He lured her to him with words alone, sprinkling honeyed comments here and there from the moment she sauntered over to the snack bar, his remarks ranging from flattering compliments on her beauty to how smart and hardworking she is (judging from his careful observations on her in the classroom as well as hero training), and it all made her feel very good about herself.

But, as genuine as he sounds, his mind was nothing but prurient when it came to women. And tonight, the gorgeous new transfer student — (l/n) (y/n) — was next on his list.

Frankly, it was not very difficult for him to persuade her to come with him to his dorm room. Her feelings towards him were seemingly transparent enough that he was basically on cruise control for most of the evening, both from the start of the party and now.

Over the course of a few weeks and up until this point in their current relationship, sadly she’s begun to believe that they held a real thing for one another; that and she also doesn’t know of his womanizer reputation. By tomorrow he’ll already have moved on from her.

“Sh-Shotooo~~” She moaned out lustily, her body writhing uncontrollably beneath him.

“Yes… yes, you like that, don’t you? Brace yourself, because I won’t stop till I get enough~” He panted above her, before a number of dirty grunts sprang out from his mouth with every ram against her sweet spot.

God, his voice will be the death of her.

“D-don’t stop! Go faster! YES, SHOTO!!~

His thrusts were mindblowing. His kisses were riveting. Hypnotic eyes, a strapping physique, and indomitable stamina? This man was a machine, and he was all hers.

Or so she thought he would be.

“How was that, baby?” He asked with a satisfied grin on his face.

She turned her head and fixed her gaze on his tired but endearing expression, her heart fluttering at the sight. “It was so amazing.” She replied serenely.

After dropping her off at her room later that night, he’d already forgotten about her.

coax // villain!todoroki x f!reader

» summary : a mixture of love and lust preoccupy their minds, while she struggles to decide whether to yield to him or not. at least initially.

» word count : 665

» warning : mild suggestive content. one curse word.


With every caress along her jaw and about her waist, her self-possession would plunge far and away in seconds. Whether she was grazed with warmth or gelidity or both, in some measure she’d beg for more of his touch through muted moans and docile movements, regardless of her attempts to try and repress the pleasure she was receiving. To him, the sight was diverting as much as it was arousing, but any more of this, the more challenging it would be to steer clear of her lips.

As for her, doing somewhat the best she can to curb her lust for him, she also mulls over the potential consequences of the situation.

‘He’s a villain.’

‘I can’t fail this mission.’

‘If I get exposed, my hero career will be over—’

A whiff of cold air leaving his lips brought her inner monologue to a halt, producing a crimson hue on her cheeks as well as an erratic pulse.

“You suppress your moans and you turn your face away,” He whispers with a stroke of his right hand along her bare collarbone, emitting a soft and fruity chuckle. “… but your desire for me is obvious. Why do you persist in holding back? Surely if I pulled away, it would upset you, yes?”

Before she could answer him, the caresses were gone as well as their physical closeness; the absence of his hands skimming delicately from her face to the level of her hips left her disconcerted, thus rendering her speechless and motionless. Not at all did she expect his recede to affect her this much, but it did. She couldn’t help but feel conflicted about everything running through her mind at that moment, like why she’s so inclined to give way to his advances, and how she’s allowing herself to get sidetracked when she was trusted with the task to seek him out. She wanted to tell him that her only reason for finding him was to get him to draw out some information involving the L.O.V.

… Yet she refrains from doing so.

A brief moment passes before he exhibits the most ravishing smirk she’s ever seen, raising the temperature of her cheeks to a greater intensity. “You didn’t like that, did you?” He taunted, obviously in reference to his retreat from her figure.

Her eyebrows narrow, and once more, before she could respond, she was then caged by two brawny arms that prompted her body to stop dead, pathetically at the mercy of his tempting stare.


The moment he tenderly placed his lips upon hers, her previous thoughts of being caught in dire straits were readily disregarded, allowing herself to fall into submission at long last.

He pulled his lips away a moment after she finally kissed back, and once again, his pull back left her agitated, but that annoyance would vanish in the very next second.

Lickerish whispers glide out his mouth and into her left ear as he slithers his arms around her waist. “One kiss and I’m already addicted. Fuck, you’re so beautiful. You’re such a pleasure to kiss.”

She’d be lying to say those gravelly whispers of his weren’t music to her ears.

“I don’t want you to go.” He murmured against her jaw. “Come with me, (y/n).”

He’s a pleasure to kiss as well.

On the spur of the moment, she exerted her lips against his with fervent concentration, briefly stunning him before he returned the kiss with equal passion, the mostly quiet room now filling up with titillating noises and bustling activity.

“You’ll come with me, won’t you?” He panted in contact with her neck. “We’d be powerful, you n’ I. We’ll always have each other, and we’ll never be apart. Please don’t leave me alone again, my love.”

She moaned softly at his words, her mind swirling with nothing but the man who held her firmly in his embrace.

And at that point she made her decision, forbye sealing it with a kiss.

he kissed like mad // midoriya x f!reader

» summary : define “like mad” - [informal] with great intensity, energy, or enthusiasm.

» word count : 602

» warning : mature content.


It’s not often you see a provoked Izuku Midoriya, but when he is provoked, at times she finds it to be quite tantalizing. Just witnessing this transformation from a composed boy to a maddened one… it excited her. Not only would she feel hyped up to watch her boyfriend kick his opponent’s or a villain’s ass… to also feel this sort of desire for him to take his anger out on her, she couldn’t help it. To think, instead of the usual soft and gentle kisses… to be silenced by hopping mad lips… god.

As much as she adores his tenderhearted smooches and caresses, for a while she’s been musing over on what a frenetic Midoriya would be like. How to give him the hint without a point-blank expression…

Class would end shortly before she’d be able to resume her fancy thoughts, but little did she know that a certain someone was awaiting her arrival near the locker rooms, antsy to yank her into the janitor’s closet for some much needed privacy.

“I-Izuku!! mm~!!” His girlfriend moaned out, face buried deep into his hair as he bit down on the one spot on her neck that made her head spin, all while his hands kneaded her ass intemperately. This feisty, yet startling approach of his… what in the world has gotten into him?

“Of all our classmates, Aizawa just HAD to pair you up with Bakugo.” He huffed. “I knew something was off about him today. You didn’t even notice it, did you?

Far too wrapped up in this perfervid pleasure, she didn’t pick up on the question part. All that she could feed off of was his zealous lips sweeping frantically across her neck to her exposed left shoulder. She gasped once he began to unzip the front part of her costume a bit, which would give him access to her bare chest. “I-Izuuu~”

“I asked you a question, (y/n): have you not noticed his behavior around you as of late? Especially today, perhaps his willingness to spar with you was so subtle that somehow you didn’t catch it. The damn smile he made when Aizawa announced your guys’ partnership for today… why would he be making that face, huh?”

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about! I didn’t know he smiled— aaahh~”

“I know exactly why,” He said before trailing ample kisses along her undraped chest, one hand clasping around her waist entirely and the other continuing to squeeze her bottom. “and I will for sure let him know to not try and pursue someone who is already taken. He can take the position of number one for all I care, but I won’t let him take you from me.

Ah. So this is why he’s so fired up. That and the fact that she and her boyfriend have been so busy as of late, that they hadn’t been able to engage in coupling together. Before this however, Izuku had never really been full of vim and vigor in their past sessions. Usually he’s slow-moving and mild in his acts of love, so for him to suddenly run feverish lips upon her instead of the gentle grazes, it was electrifying.

But then it came to a halt.

“Wh-why’d you stop?”

After he pressed one more passionate kiss on her, this time on her lips, he then leaned against the door to catch his breath, a devilish smirk veiled by the darkness of the enclosed space they were currently in.

“We could do so much more on my bed than in here. We should go now before somebody finds us.”

todoroki w/ a crush headcanons


— so todoroki likes you. not as a friend, but beyond that. this’ll be fun.

— while you are his classmate as well as his friend, eventually he will pick up that there’s something about you that rouses a mishmash of emotions within him, but he doesn’t know what they are, nor does he know why he feels this way

— oftentimes when you’re in his sights, it’s as if the world stops. there’s no sound. visually, everyone and everything surrounding you is blurred out. you’re the only thing he sees.

— but why was this happening? and why does it happen only with you?

— the people who certainly catch sight of him repeatedly fixing his gaze upon you are midoriya, iida, and uraraka, along with yaoyorozu, but the first person to say something is iida. he brings it up after school once him and midoriya meet todo outside of the boys’ locker room. never before have they seen him look so baffled

— you and him haven’t exchanged much in conversation, but he definitely has observed you from afar. he wants to interact with you more, but he doesn’t know where to start. he usually just listens on in the circle of friends you’re both a part of, and his classmates can easily see just how interested he becomes when it involves you. it’s honestly really cute.

— ever since his odd behavior was pointed out, he’s been using most of his free time doing ‘thorough research’: “signs that you like someone” / “how to talk to your crush” / etc. it surprises him that he matches a lot of the signs under the first list!

— he knows nothing about how romantic relationships work, and understandably so, but in spite of that, he’s more than willing to pursue you

— in the classroom, if he sees that you are struggling with an assignment, he’ll come over to assist you. at Gym Gamma, he trains a little bit harder in hopes of capturing your attention (he really wants to impress you). if he finds you at the library studying for an exam, he’ll ask if he can join you. sometimes he’ll walk with you to and/or from the dorms, and from time to time he’ll sit beside you at lunch. at some point you discern that, something is different about him, while his friends are in the background like, he’s so in love with you and you don’t even realize it…

— todoroki has only ever really dreamt of spending time and talking with you, until he begins to fantasize on what it would be like to hold your hand, enfold you in his arms, to kiss you…

— and that’s about as far as those types of thoughts go, as his mind is mainly occupied with how special you are to him. you have a beautiful personality and you possess a number of likeable traits (kindness and patience to name a few) that it makes him want you even more. he knows that he has to ask you out one day, but with every chance he’s given, he chickens out

— that is until kaminari starts flirting with you out of nowhere, along with sero and kirishima (the three were told by uraraka of todoroki’s crush on you, so when enough was enough, they grew far too tempted to provoke the boy to finally approach you about his feelings)

— and it works like a charm: todoroki’s blood boils the second he sees and hears the trio of boys flirting with you, but before he could act, the bell rings and everyone’s out the door before you and one other person. you’re almost out, but then you feel a slight chill on your wrist. it’s your crush.

— “(l/n),” he begins timidly. “i’m not sure if i’m doing this right but please go out with me. i really like you, and… p-please tell me you feel the same…”

— he… he likes you? and he wants you to go out with him? THE Todoroki Shoto wants to take you on a date… he wants to know if you share the same feelings… wait wait wait– HE LIKES YOU BACK???

— your face tints a light pink and your eyes gleam delicately, resulting in his heart to beat at a fast rate. please reciprocate his feelings. please say you will go out with him. please say yes–

— “i really like you too, todoroki, and i’d love to go out with you.”

— this may be the first time he’s ever felt so enraptured, and when he faintly smiles at you, your heart falls in sync with his <3

disquieted // midoriya x f!reader

» summary : he loves her, but she’s got her eye on the Number Two Hero’s son.

» word count : 555

» tags : jealousy, insecurity, one-sided love


There was something about his classmate that so effortlessly piqued her interest, it hadn’t taken long for him to notice.

The guy was standoffish, very withdrawn from everyone. So, needless to say, his first impression paints him as an enigmatic person, and the fact that she was intrigued by him left a certain boy’s heart in pieces since day one at UA.

He was very aware of his rival’s strength and intelligence, all of which would be quite punishing to counter; he IS the son of the Number Two Hero, after all. He’s had to have been training and polishing up his quirk since he was a child, and so the likelihood of capturing the attention of the audience as well as the pro heroes was in the cards. Plus, the coalescence of fire and ice? Talk about a flashy power.

It’s odd as to why he limits himself to his right side, though…

“Todoroki is crazy strong! He unleashed that ice attack like it was nothing!” Exclaimed Ashido with wide eyes.

A bright smile spread across your lips at her in shared agreement. “I can’t wait to see more of what he could do!” You perk before you set your eyes on the boy in the distance, standing remotely from everyone else as you’d expected.

Midoriya couldn’t help but notice the light pink across your cheeks, causing him to slightly tighten his fists. It hurt him to see you pay special attention to Todoroki. What about HIS efforts during the race? He won first place! He passed him and even Bakugo! Why didn’t you seem to acknowledge his success?

Because she’s in love with Todoroki. It would make sense for all her attention to be on him.

He can’t cry over something like this, not when they’re about to start the next part of the festival. If he were to let these petty emotions get the better of him… then he’d disappoint the one who passed his power on to him, along with disappointing himself. He couldn’t let that happen.

It took everything in him not to let a single tear stream down the corner of his eye, resulting in his chest to ache more strongly at how pathetic he felt about the situation. His childhood friend, the one he’s been crushing on since middle school, falling for someone else… and there was nothing he could do about it. All he could do was stand by and watch.

I’m sure she would want to partner up with him instead of me. Compared to him, he’s smarter and more deft than me, and he possesses greater control over his quirk than I do. I’d just end up injuring myself…

“Hey! Deku! Let’s team up!” Chirped a familiar voice. It was Uraraka. “Let’s go find Iida and (l/n), yeah? Have you seen them?”

He hadn’t seen Iida anywhere, but hopefully he was nearby. He would certainly be a great asset to the team along with (l/n)… if she even wanted to join up with them. He’d keep an eye out for her just in case, but she’s probably already looking to be a part of Todoroki’s team at the moment. The thought disheartened him briefly.

He sighed to himself, turning to the brunette. “Let’s go look for Iida. I’m sure he’s around here somewhere.”


My Hero Academia: 5 Reasons Why Shoto Would Make A Great Hero (& 5 Reasons He Could Turn Into A Villain

My Hero Academia's Shoto Todoroki is the perfect symbol of both good and evil with a tragic past that scarred him physically and emotionally. He has proven himself to be one of the top three strongest students in Class 1-A.

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Todoroki has two quirks one ice and one fire. Todoroki is a complex character with emotions that he has to settle within his heart. He has the capabilities of being the strongest hero and has the potential to be even stronger than Izuku and Bakugo. How could a character like Todoroki become a great hero? How could he become a terrible villain? Let’s dive into how.

10 Great Hero: Helps Friends In Need

Todoroki has become a much better team player in his time at U.A. High School. In his practical exam against Aizawa, he was able to team up with Momo Yaoyoruzu and shows good teamwork by using her plan instead of his own.

He is also apart of the small group of students to decide that they will do what they can to save Bakugo from the League of Villains showing his dedication of putting his friends first over being in trouble.

9 Turns Into A Villain: Appearance/Personality

Todoroki’s appearance gives off a villain type of design. He is shown rarely smiling and has sharp eyes that can come off as edgy. His white and red hair split in the middle and not to mention the scar gives him the feel of a future villain in the making.

Todoroki has a cold personality at times and can be socially awkward to go along with his looks. He tends to stick to himself and usually has a serious look at things.

8 Great Hero: Two Quirks

His ability to use both ice and fire will drastically improve his chances at becoming a great hero. After not using his fire quirk because of his past with Endeavor, he barely used his fire quirk as he fought in exams and competitions. Even without using it, he was considerably stronger than most of his classmates.

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Now that he has decided to use both of his quirks and only goes up from here in terms of strength and increases his chances of becoming a great hero. Todoroki has the potential to be stronger than the current number one, Endeavor.

7 Turns Into A Villain: Abuse

As a child, Todoroki saw his mother get abused by his father, hero Endeavor. The reason being her trying to stop Endeavor’s training of Todorki to the point where he began to vomit and was forced to stay away from other children.

This past created a Todoroki that grew to resent his father and not use his powers at times because of him. Todoroki’s childhood could come back into play if his relationship with Endeavors doesn’t change. Their relationship seems to be on a better track, but there is surely still resentment in his heart.

6 Great Hero: Bloodline

Being the son of the number one hero Endeavor, Todoroki has much to accomplish as he inspires to become a top hero. Being gifted with two quirks and trained at an early age by someone of his father’s caliber can give Todoroki a good shot at becoming truly strong.

Even now Endeavor in his own way is pushing Todoroki to become stronger than him and if the number one hero’s goal is for his son to become stronger than him than it’s hard to see Todoroki not becoming a great hero someday.

5 Turns Into A Villain: Hatred For Endeavor

Although it has calmed down a bit, Todoroki’s hatred for his father has been one of the clearest ideas portrayed for his character. His abusive childhood could come back to haunt everyone on his path to require strength.

Todoroki doesn’t want to become like Endeavor, he wants to be better than him. This could lead Todoroki into changing his path of being a hero and become the number one villain instead.

4 Great Hero: Talent

Talent-wise, Todoroki may outclass everyone in Class 1-A. He has a natural talent for fighting since he trained with a hero as a child. His abilities such as intelligence, his control over his quirk, and he can be durable as well.

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He was so talented that he was able to enter U.A. through recommendations. He’s quick on his feet in high stakes situations using his ice ability to keep himself in the ring when he was almost thrown out by Izuku.

3 Turns Into A Villain: Swayed By Emotion

Todoroki’s instability with his emotions has proven to be his downside in becoming a hero and during his fights. His complex relationship with his father has caused him to hesitate many times.

During his battle with Bakugo, he put out his flames as Bakugo defeats him only to yell with anger at him for throwing the match. Todoroki also misses his chance to pass his Provisional License because of personal feelings with Inasa Yoarashi about Endeavor.

2 Great Hero: Will Power

Although Todoroki has come up short and let his personal feelings get the best of him at times, he always chooses to take his failures as something to learn from. He doesn’t beat himself up continuously, he learns his lesson and moves forward.

His will power to become a great hero and become his own person has been extraordinarily helpful for himself. He is mentally strong and isn’t afraid to listen to his friends whenever his pride is getting in the way. This will power to overcome his deficiencies will make him stronger as a hero.

1 Turns Into A Villain: Villains Persuasion

This last one is hypothetical, however, it definitely seems possible to give Todoroki’s track record when it comes to being swayed by his emotions. He can want to become a great hero and then out of nowhere because of his feelings on his father he can become anti-hero like.

There’s a possibility that he can still choose to become the enemy given that he is still trying to find himself in the world of heroes and villains. He can become next to be kidnapped like Bakugo was in order to turn the tides.

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NextMy Hero Academia: 10 Things That Made No Sense About The My Villain Academia Arc

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Villain Deku here’s villain Todoroki! Ever since he was told ‘it’s your power too’, he’s promised to die a thousand deaths for Deku. he’s his sworn protector and has vowed to do any and all of his bidding. that being said, one of his main tasks is...

Villain Deku

here’s villain Todoroki! Ever since he was told ‘it’s your power too’, he’s promised to die a thousand deaths for Deku. he’s his sworn protector and has vowed to do any and all of his bidding.

that being said, one of his main tasks is keeping blood cold with his quirk! he has a bookbag that Deku made, and it’s essentially a traveling nurse’s station. complete with blood-pouches, vials, pens, needles, rubberbands, gauze, etc. also, he’s sworn to one day kill endeavor.

(art by me, do not repost)

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Mha + aizawa react to villain Todoroki / rushed / 300+ special / • Mochi •

my heart goes doki doki for haikyuu dilfs — Villain | Todoroki Shoto

Villain | Todoroki Shoto

Pairing: Shoto X Reader (gender neutral)

Genre: Villain!Shoto duh, uhh cute in a way? 

Author’s note: I’ve always seen art of mha characters as villains, but i don’t think i’ve read one before…

**Warning!! vivid details of torture and death. Mentions of blood!!**  Also lil bit of cursing. 


Howls and screams, pleas for mercy and help echoed off the basement dungeon, not showing any signs of stopping anytime soon. How annoying since Shoto was down there. You wrapped one of the blankets around your body and left the walking down the expansive halls. The floor and ceiling were distance were separated by meters, the walls filled with paintings the art museums gave up looking for. Shoto was able to bless the two of you with the life of luxury. He wanted you to feel on top of the world too.

You took the little elevator down, entering the special pin code to have access into the dungeon since it was hidden. Shoto wasn’t entirely a villain, he was a businessman, and he was good at both things, but sometimes, he spent a little too much time as one or the other. You fiddled with your finger gloves that concealed both of your pinkies knowing how fatal your quirk could be if you pressed all five fingers to someone.

The doors opened to the main dungeon room and there, you saw shoto standing handsomely as he took a drink of water, glad to know he was still hydrated amidst of his torture shenanigans. Numerous bodyguards lined the walls and entrances in the dungeon whenever Shoto was in it, but they were all over the estate, guarding the two of you. The man’s cries and pleas seemed to get louder as he stood against the wall with his limbs strapped to it, shaping him like an “x.” He begged you for mercy, asking for release, pleading to live to see another day yet you paid no attention to him, only your husband as he leaned against the edge of the table. His knives and tools glimmered in the light of his fire as he prepared a ball of fire in his hand but it soon disappeared to smoke when you entered his field of vision.

“And what brings you down here, my love?” He asks as he wraps his hands around your lower back, pressing kisses to your cheek, pressing you closer against him.

“You’ve been down here for hours,” you pouted. “When are you going to finish playing?” You looked at the man who bled here and there from scratches made from sharp pieces of ice on one side of him while the other side had burned marks on the wall and his body, revealing fatal wounds. You honestly didn’t even know why Shoto brought him here in the first place, but all those who entered here never left. “What did he do?” You began to walk over to him, curious, but you also wanted to see his wounds up close, wondering if Shoto was losing his aim, or if he was just missing on purpose, but you safely assumed the latter.

“He tried to mug me when I went into the parking lot. The dumbest thing. But I gave him a little trip around the city, ultimately leading him here.” He prepared another ball of flame in his hand, twirling an ice shard in his hand, waiting to shoot toward the man.

“Aw how sad.” You tilted your head, looking at the man’s blood shot eyes. Now that you were closer, his pleas were now directed to only you.

“Please, please, I will give you anything, I’ll devote myself to the two of you. Please, let me go. I won’t cause trouble ever again. Just let me go,” he whimpered. Pain strained his features, yet you felt nothing.

“You’re going to die down here, I can’t do much.” You said matter of factly, but it was true. No matter what you could say to Shoto, he just couldn’t comply to these wishes, but any other wish would be considered done in the blink of an eye.

“Then I hope hell has a special place specifically for you, you bitch.” He tried to spit but it only dropped down to the ground in front of him. “You’re worse than him for seeing and doing nothing.” His words you were filled with venom, surprising you a little since he seemed so helpless just moments ago, but it was enough to annoy you. Shoto just watched from behind, taken the slightest bit back at the man for spouting such bold words at the love of his life. His mind began to race with all sorts of fun stuff he could do to him now.

You slid off one of your gloves and went up to the man who stood over you a little. Reaching up, you suddenly choked his throat, letting all five of your fingers touch him. “Hell is already my second home,” you smirked. With that, you dragged your fingers to the man’s chest and left.

“Aw, I wanted to finish him off,” Shoto jutted his lower lip out to you. As you walked away, the man began to choke as poison spread rapidly from the place you touched him. His skin began to purple as his eyes filled with blood. His body began to turn unnatural colors as he choked on his failing organs, falling from the chains on the wall as his bones softened. Every part of the man began to physically decay as the poison ate him from the inside out. You slid your glove back on and went back to Shoto.

“Movie night?” You secured your glove and took his hands into yours, swinging it. “And ice cream?” You tilted your head cutely, giving him a smile he couldn’t resist. He gave you a stern look only to turn into a puddle when you gave him the puppy eyes.

“How could I say no?” Several men began clean the leftover mess up as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder and led you up the elevator, back upstairs to home. The two of you were the deadliest couple, and he was so proud.

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Booping His Nose | Nishinoya, Sachiro, Kuroo

Pairings: Nishinoya X Reader (gender neutral), Hiragumi X Reader (female), Kuroo X Reader (gender neutral)

Genre: soft 🥺 sweet fluff, domesticc with sachiro tehe

Author’s Nose: nose boops >>> also implied timeskip but no spoilers to the manga’s plot!!

Aone, Ushijima // Aran, Kenma, Atsumu // Sakusa, Iwaizumi // Suna, Kageyama, Matsukawa // Tendo, Hinata, Bokuto // Yamaguchi, Osamu


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Booping His Nose | Sakusa, Iwaizumi

Pairings: Sakusa X Reader (female), Iwaizumi X Reader (female)

Genre: soft 🥺 sweet fluff, I hope Iwa’s is funny asdkjdkj

Author’s Nose: sheeeeeeshhhh i want iwaizumi hajime to be real 🥺 Implied timeskip but no manga spoilers!!

Note: Iwa’s is suggestive, hilarious, but also suggestive like there’s innuendos so ye and his is the longest from these 2 

Aone, Ushijima // Nishinoya, Sachiro, Kuroo // Aran, Kenma, Atsumu // Suna, Kageyama, Matsukawa // Tendo, Hinata, Bokuto // Yamaguchi, Osamu


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Sakusa: ​

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Booping His Nose | Suna, Kageyama, Matsukawa

Pairings: Suna X Reader (gender neutral), Kageyama X Reader (gender neutral), Matsukawa X Reader (gender neutral)

Genre: soft 🥺 sweet fluff 

Author’s Nose: nose boops >>> but omg im so soft for mattsun and! Implied timeskip for all of these but no spoilers to the manga!

Aone, Ushijima // Nishinoya, Sachiro, Kuroo // Sakusa, Iwaizumi // Aran, Kenma, Atsumu // Tendo, Hinata, Bokuto // Yamaguchi, Osamu


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Booping His Nose | Yamaguchi, Osamu

Pairings: Yamaguchi X Reader (gender neutral), Osamu X Reader (gender neutral)

Genre: soft 🥺 sweet fluff

Author’s Nose: nose boops >>> Implied time skip but no manga plot spoilers!! 

Aone, Ushijima // Nishinoya, Sachiro, Kuroo // Sakusa, Iwaizumi // Suna, Kageyama, Matsukawa // Tendo, Hinata, Bokuto // Aran, Kenma, Atsumu


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Todoroki villain

Villain Shoto Todoroki [ Boku no hero academia ]

Shoto Todoroki my Villain version for him (i'm also planning to make some doujin out of it todo x deku <3 lol so let's see let's see)
from Boku no hero Academia




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Pro heroes/Teacher react to Villain Todoroki -- part 5 -- My AU

"You're staying here." He said coldly. "I won't let you go. Not when I don't have Kazuno."

His footsteps echoed the nearly empty room. Mockingly, he looked back towards her at the door. "This is what you deserve for making a fool out of me."

The lights turned off and the metal door creaked loudly shut. All was darkness around her. Finally, she let out her tears.

Mikoto and Kazuno Higasa likely wouldn't know what to do with themselves if they ended up in a life without arguments. They both loved their parents, but it was difficult to get along with them sometimes.

They were identical twins with similar dreams. One would think that would put them in competition of each other, but most of the time, they simply had to share their dreams. It wasn't their decision to do so, but it was the path they were set on by their parents.

Mikoto was much more carefree. At least, that's what she would like people to think. She struggled a lot more than her sister when it came to classes. She wasn't as strong and didn't have as much book smarts.

Aside from their family drama, they had a huge turn of events.

Rating Mature for:
- Gore


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I’m currently [Open] for commissions! : D

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