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My Hero One’s Justice 2 Hitoshi Shinso Coming as a DLC Character


A new character is arriving soon! The latest issue of Weekly Jump reveals that U.A High School’s General Department Class 1-C, Hitoshi Shinso is coming as a DLC character for My Hero One’s Justice 2.

However, no release date revealed as of the moment. So, let’s wait for Bandai Namco to reveal it. Hitoshi Shinso is part of Season Pass 2 and he’s the first character announced.

Along with the DLC character announcement, the costumes from the upcoming movie, My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission are also on the lineup to release for a limited time. So, are you ready for this one to arrive soon?

Thanks, Gematsu for the info!

Game Overview

Definitely, let’s fight for justice once again. However, it’s getting bigger than ever. The fan-favorite characters are back with even more powerful quirks to use. Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki, and more from the UA Class 1-A are back. But not only them because there are new characters to join the roster. Get on the battle on this 3D arena fighting game in which the heroes and the villains will fight for the ultimate test for righteousness.


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My Hero One’s Justice 2 is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. So, grab your copies here at Playasia. Click the button below to order yours now!


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Meanwhile, if you want to grab this DLC, order our digital codes right now! Click the button below to order yours now!


Note: The availability of all items is subject to change without prior notice.

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The battle for justice continues, but this time the fight gets bigger, badder, and more quirkier in MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE 2. Based on the hit anime series, all of your favorite characters return in this 3D arena fighter that pits heroes and villains in the ultimate test for righteousness.

Play through the anime and experience memorable fights as you relive iconic scenes. Pick up after the finish of MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE and see what happens to Deku and the class at UA.

The cast from MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE are back and they’re now joined by newly added characters from the series. With 40 playable characters, build your dream team with your favorite hero or villain. Fight to build up your PLUS ULTRA meter and pull off quirks in special combos that goes beyond! – via Bandai Namco


  • THE BATTLE CONTINUES – Based on the hit anime series that features fan-favorite characters like Deku, All Might, Shigaraki, and many more
  • RELIVE ICONIC SCENES – Play through iconic and memorable scenes from the anime
  • BIGGER PLUS ULTRAS – Pull off explosive quirks with all of your favorite characters
  • TEAM UP WITH MORE CHARACTERS – Build your dream team with 40 playable characters



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“Hey none of that,” Aizawa gently tapped his palms, keeping them from inflicting anymore pain on themselves, “You don’t have to apologize, Problem Child. I know I call you that name, but you aren’t a Problem at all. I promise.” He himself felt embarrassed for it, but hoped it would make the kid laugh, as he lifted his pinky in the promise, he tapped it to Midoriya’s own pinky, “See now you know it’s the truth kid.”
It did earn him a huff of a laugh, and a watery smile, which he would take any day over the kicked puppy look the kid was previously sporting. “That's a weird way to pinky promise,” Midoriya huffed, “But okay, thank you Aizawa Sensei.”
He sighed, “Hey that’s a perfectly acceptable pinky swear kid, the pinkies fist bumped and now it's a promise.”

Alternatively, Midoriya struggles with his anxiety and the pressures placed on him from OFA. He isn’t great at taking care of himself or at coping. He’s surprised and confused to find a good adult at school. He’s surprised to find a good adult period, let alone two. He’s slowly figuring himself out, but he’s scared what his self expression and gender will mean to his classmates and to his mom. He’s scared of measuring up to All Might's expectations.

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My Hero Academia: 10 Things You Need To Know About Hitoshi Shinso

Every year there are many new anime series that grab the audience’s attention, but My Hero Academia’spopularity has only continued to grow with each new season. The shonen anime series cleverly embraces superhero archetypes to tell the story of Izuku Midoriya and his peers as they strive to become the next generation of heroes that will keep the peace.

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Each season of the anime introduces new threats and allies and the series’ current fifth season brings back dozens of abandoned supporting characters that get to clash against Class 1-A’s established students. One of the most interesting individuals to emerge from the pack is Hitoshi Shinso, a hero that both holds a ton of potential, but is also a major mystery.

10 His Quirk Is A Powerful Form Of Brainwashing

My Hero Academia has done exceptional work to showcase a wide variety of Quirks, some of which pull from more traditional superpowers and others that feel considerably more niche. A powerful Quirk can be everything in My Hero Academia and Hitoshi Shinso is blessed to have Brainwashing as his Quirk, which allows him to take control of an opponent’s actions once they respond to his voice.

Shinso’s Quirk can do a lot of damage, but it’s important to realize that the individual needs to hear Shinso’s vocal waves and not an electronic projection of them, like through a megaphone.

9 The Identity Of His Parents Has Become A Major Source Of Speculation

The growth of Midoriya and his classmates is My Hero Academia’s priority, but the anime has pulled back the layers to these characters’ pasts and examined the significance of their family on their superhero trajectories. My Hero Academia’s fifth seasonfocuses heavily on secret parentages and many have jumped to similar conclusions with Hitoshi Shinso.

Shinso bears a resemblance to both Shota Aizawa as well as Tomura Shigaraki, but at this point, it’s nothing more than that. Hitoshi’s parents haven’t been explored in detail, but his last name at least implies he’s not the offspring of an existing character.

8 He’s The Most Prominent Student From Class 1-C

My Hero Academia bills U.A. High as the most prestigious of institutions for those that are interested in becoming professional heroes. The anime primarily focuses on Izuku Midoriya and the rest of the students in Class 1-A, but they’re far from the only prospective heroes at the school.

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Season five throws the students of Class 1-B into the spotlight, but this also includes Hitoshi Shinso, who’s actually in Class 1-C. This makes Shinso an oddity, but it proves his determination to break through as a hero and how hard he’s willing to work.

7 Shota Aizawa Has Taken In Hitoshi As His Protégé

My Hero Academia’s characterscome from different backgrounds and some individuals are more privileged than others. Hitoshi Shinso comes from a disadvantaged place and has to work harder to prove himself. Shota Aizawa is impressed by Shinso’s work in the Sports Festival and decides to secretly train him in preparation for the Joint Training exercise.

Aizawa has selective tastes and so his support for Shinso goes a long way. Shinso develops his own style and doesn’t just mimic Aizawa, but he does help him extensively with the use of Binding Cloth, an area that he himself is quite adept in.

6 His Quirk Has Improved To Include The Powerful Persona Chords Addition

Some Quirks in My Hero Academia begin at their apex and don’t evolve, but there are several abilities that actively develop as these heroes grow more confident. Hitoshi Shinso establishes his Brainwashing Quirk at the Sports Festival, but when he returns in the Joint Training Arc, it’s gone through a serious upgrade.

Shinso can perform tweaks to his Artificial Vocal Chords mask to trigger a super move known as Persona Chords where he can mimic someone else’s voice. This makes it even easier for Shinso to get his opponent to reply to him and succumb to his power.

5 He Gives A Strong Performance In U.A. High’s Sports Festival

Season five operates as a major showcase for not just Hitoshi Shinso, but also the majority of Class 1-B. However, all of these characters initially appear back in season two’s Sports Festival competition. This tournament is a solid way for U.A. High’s first-year students to learn how they compare against each other.

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The top positions are filled by prominent Class 1-A heroes like Bakugo and Todoroki, but Shinso does a modest job considering his disadvantages. Shinso ranks in the top 16 of the Sports Festival and his performance gets him some important attention from U.A. High’s faculty.

4 He Hasn’t Been Able To Align Himself With A Hero Agency Or Internship Yet

My Hero Academia works hard to make sure that U.A. High’s students grow both independently and as a team. The later seasons bring up hero agencies and internships that can help students find their voices or make connections in the world of pro heroes.

These opportunities are fundamental for students like Midoriya, Ochako, and Kirishima, but it’s a perk that Shinso can’t benefit from. Shinso would do great in such a position and hopefully, his performance in the Joint Training exercise puts him on the radars of even more big heroes.

3 He’s Currently 16 Years Old

Some anime exist in a vacuum where it seems like time never passes over the span of hundreds of episodes. My Hero Academia can occasionally condense its timeline, but it does show its characters slowly growing older and embark on more serious threats as they become more mature.

Hitoshi Shinsois 15 when he first appears and he’s currently 16 in the manga. Shinso is definitely a wild card, but the fact that he’s a teenager and not completely removed from the rest of U.A. High means that he still succumbs to the typical habits of adolescents.

2 His Hero Equipment Includes A Powerful Binding Cloth Capturing Weapon

A powerful Quirk is paramount in My Hero Academia, but the anime also speaks to how the entire hero ensemble is important and no elements should be neglected. Hitoshi Shinso’s hero costume is still a work in progress and he’s still in such an experimental place that he doesn’t even have an exaggerated hero name to call himself.

Despite these setbacks, Shinso is equipped with valuable support tools, like his Binding Cloth capturing weapon. The Binding Cloth is the same versatile tool that Aizawa uses and he makes sure that Shinso is just as adept with the equipment.

1 He’s Established A Friendly Rivalry Against Deku

Hitoshi Shinso can sometimes feel like a character with no nation since he doesn’t fit in with either Class 1-A or Class 1-B. Shinso floats between groups and makes friends, even though it’s not his initial intention.

Shinso doesn’t appear to hold any grudges, but his first major battle in the series is against Midoriya in the Sports Festival. They recognize each other as worthy adversaries and both characters are eager for a rematch. It sets both characters on a parallel path throughout the progress of season five.

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Hitoshi Shinso Moments!! (FULL VIDEO)


  • PE Uniform
  • Costume Prototype
PE Uniform
Costume Prototype


Student at U.A. High School's General Department C-1


Brainwashing Quirk

High intellect
Combat prowess
Binding cloth


Practicing and training


Join the Hero Course (succeeded)

Become a Pro Hero
Get a good nights rest

Type of Hero

Sophisticated Anti-Hero

Maybe I failed this time, but... I'm not giving up. I'll show them I've got what it takes to make the hero course, and I'll become a greater hero than all of you.
~ Hitoshi Shinso to Izuku Midoriya.

Hitoshi Shinso is the supporting anti-hero in My Hero Academia. He is a student at U.A. High School, basically under the General Department before entering the Hero Course next year. He serves as one of Izuku's rivals and is the student of Shota Aizawa, whom he is secretly practicing with.

He is voiced by Wataru Hatano in the Japanese dub, and by Jarrod Greene in the English Dub.


Hitoshi is a young man with messy indigo hair that appears in large tufts, with a pair of dark purple eyes with white pupils that have no visible eyelashes. His eyes are often half-closed and he tends to have a lax expression on his face.


Hitoshi is a stoical and straight-forward person, who can spark conversation almost instantly despite appearing reserved for the most part. Due to having his Brainwashing Quirk perceived as villainous as well as being feared by his peers because of it, he became was resentful of those who were different than him, saying that Izuku Midoriya was blessed to be born with a "Heroic Quirk".

Despite this, Shinso does desire to join the hero course and become a Pro Hero more than anything and prove those who doubted him wrong. While not exactly mean-spirited, Hitoshi can be rather provoking if it means turning the tides in his favor or gaining the chance to activate his Quirk. He referred to Mashirao Ojiro as a "monkey" in order to provoke Midoriya and believed that the former was being foolish when he turned down his chance to advance in the Sports Festival. He smirked when Midoriya began charging at him, and consecutively managed to brainwash him.

Likely due to his past treatment of being feared and discriminated, Hitoshi retains a distant attitude among others and states that he has no interest in making friends. However, there are many students who do indeed get along with him and see him as a friend, including Izuku Midoriya, Denki Kaminari and Neito Monoma. It is likely that having friends is something very new to him and might still be warming up to the idea.

Powers & Abilities


Brainwashing: Shinso's Quirk allows him to take control of anyone who responds to him, should a person respond/answer him, he'll be able to activate his power and said person will have to follow his commands. A brainwashed person will be acutely aware of their state, but will be unable to talk or move their body.

Shinso won't be able to activate his Quirk if a person simply doesn't respond to him. A brainwashed person can also be knocked out of their state if they receive a sudden impact (a bump on the shoulder for example).

Shinso is also unable to use his Quirk with something like a megaphone or speaker, as such devices will convert his voice into an electronic signal.


Hitoshi Shinso Picture

Shinso's first appearance.

Hitoshi Shinso Picture 3

Hitoshi punches Izuku.

Hitoshi Shinso
Hitoshi Shinso (Costume Prototype)
Hitoshi Shinso Funko Pop

Shinso's funko pop.

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