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Clarification of FB Patcher over custom USB SSDT

I have created a custom SSDT for my USB ports excluding the ports I don't require to get into the 15 port limit so I didn't need to use the 15 port limit patch. Someone asked for my usb SSDT which I provided however they said they sorted it using FB Patcher which gave him all the ports. I was however under the impression that the 15 port limit was a hard limit and there where possible issues when using the patch long term and it was only a temporary solution. So does FB Patcher make use of the/a 15 port limit patch in order to get all the ports and long term may still be a problem or is it a better way to enable all your ports with no issues. Should I stick to my custom SSDT I created following Rehabmans guide (not actually as complicated as I first envisioned), and stick to my port limit or go with the FB Patcher.

As I'm here another quickie... do I still need to use USB inject all kext when using the custom SSDT or should I remove it now.


Sours: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/clarification-of-fb-patcher-over-custom-usb-ssdt.269332/


Tutorial showing how to login to Google+ on Modded Games:
Prerequisites (Things required in order for this to work):

  • Rooted Phone/Emulator
  • Lucky Patcher
  • Busy Box (Needed for some functions on Lucky patcher)
  • Unsigned Mod APK of the game you are trying to connect to Google+
    Note: If you do not have unsigned Mod APK of the game, You can make it by following this tutorial Here:
    Installation Steps:
  1. Open Lucky Patcher and click on toolbox as shown in the figure:
  2. After that click on Patch to Android button as shown in the figure:
  3. A new menu will open as soon as you click on Patch to android. Tick the 'Signature Verification status always true' and 'Disable .apk Signature Verfication' and click on Apply. It will take some time to patch,till then do not click on anything.
  4. Once the patch is finished you will see a message as shown in the figure. Close Lucky Patcher and Reboot your device.

Note: Some devices may not show this message but instead just restart the device, Make sure to check Lucky Patcher to see if the says patch Applied or not just below the patches

  1. After your phone restarts, open Lucky Patcher again and Go to Toolbox---->Patch to Android again as shown in earlier steps.

  2. Tick on the option 'Disable signature verification in the package manager' and click on Apply. Wait for it to complete the process. After the Process is completed, close Lucky Patcher and Reboot your device.

Note: On Some devices after the patch is applied the phone will Reboot automatically. No need to Restart again if the phone Restarted automatically.

  1. After the patches are applied, uninstall the modded game for which you are trying to connect to Google+

  2. Install the Playstore version of the game that you are trying to connect to Google+, Once the Game is installed login to Google+

  3. Get the unsigned mod APK of the modded game and install it (the game will automatically be installed over the Playstore version) Make sure you do not uninstall the Playstore version as it is very important.

Text tutorial explaining how to login to Facebook with Modded Games:

  1. Disable/uninstall Facebook app.
  2. Launch the game that requires Facebook login to play.
  3. You will be redirect to a browser login for Facebook.
  1. Input your credentials.

  2. Voila! You're set and ready to go.

Note: No root is required for this.

P.S: I have tried to go in as much detail as I can, If you still don't understand it, oh well!

Sours: https://steemit.com/technology/@techhub/how-to-login-with-google-and-facebook-on-modded-games
  1. Turnersville kia
  2. Pyspark dataframe foreach
  3. Minecraft testflight

[APP][4.0.3+] Facebook Patcher 100+ -Avoid using Messenger, send messages from FB app - Android Apps and Games

PATCHED APK'S HERE - by #wolfballz What to do if you don't want to use Messenger, rather to send messages from the Facebook app itself? a) If you'd like to use the voip function, use patched. Do NOT use the unpatched app with Messenger 1.0 because it won't let you see your messages, instead it will ask you to update Facebook. b) If you don't care about voip calls, but need Facebook's new features and a rich messaging interface like in Messenger, use either patched or patched (both for ARM only). It also offers some extra features that the APK patched with 2.9 doesn't have: ● Version modified to 999 so the app won't ask you to update. ● Fixed crash when opening gallery from composer. ● No duplicate emoji buttons in composer. ● Bubble style delivery state icons like in Messenger. ● Blue title bar to fit FB's design (v85 only). c) If you'd like to stay up-to-date, you can always patch the latest version using Facebook Patcher 100+. The latest version where message notifications work is Note that you'll only see the mobile messaging site in the in-app browser on the latest versions! ● patched for ARM devices (51.9 MB) ● patched for x86 devices (54.8 MB) FEATURES ● Send messages directly from the main Facebook app without the need to install Messenger. ● Send emojis and stickers. [The following features aren't offered by Facebook Patcher 100+, just by FBPatcher 2.9 up to version] ● Use QuickCam to capture & send images and short videos instantly. ● Edit images and videos before sending them. ● Share images from conversations to Facebook. ● Send hot likes, audio clips, events and locations. ● See cool snow fall and floating hearts when sending the appropriate emojis. ● Play Messenger's basketball and soccer game (unfortunately, without score submission). [The following features are only applicable to Facebook Patcher 100+] ● No matter what variant you download, the patched APK will be a 4.0.3+ one. ● Removes lots of junk from the APK and compresses it --> much smaller app size! USAGE 0. Install the latest Java runtime if you don't have it yet. 1. Download a Facebook APK from apkmirror. 2. Download the patcher (from V100, use Facebook Patcher 100+), start it with double click and follow the instructions. 3. Uninstall the official Facebook app. 4. Copy the patched apk to your device, install and enjoy! TROUBLESHOOTING Can't start the patcher Firstly, update to the latest Java -- the patcher requires version 1.8 at least. If you can't start it with double click on Windows, you should associate jar files with 'javaw.exe' (NOT 'java.exe' as it won't work). It's in the bin folder of your Java installation (typically 'Program Files\Java\jre*'). On Linux/Mac, you should use 'chmod +x' on the jar file before the first run to get execution permission. Google it if you're not familiar with that command. Got an error while patching ● Most likely: Facebook changed something in the code, please wait for patcher update. ● Very unlikely: you don't have enough space (<100MB) for the patcher's temporary files. ● Very unlikely: APK file is corrupted, try to download it again. If nothing helps, post a log or screenshot here. Can't install patched APK ● You have the official Facebook app installed, you should uninstall it first. ● You have it preinstalled (flashed on 'system') -- you can only get rid of it with root, sorry, not my fault. ● You're trying to install a 4.0.3+ variant over a 5.0+ one and vice versa, uninstall the app first. ● You're trying to install a 5.0+ variant on a pre-Lollipop system, try patching & installing a 4.0.3+ variant. Patched app quits on start ● If you've just updated to a patched alpha, you may have to clear app data before first start. Some alphas may get in an infinite loop on start if old app data is present. This is not the patcher's fault, the original app also has this issue. ● It's very likely that you've downloaded an APK built for an architecture that's different from your device's one. For example, you have an x86 device and installed an ARM APK that won't work. Since x86 mobile devices are rather rare, you could hardly find any x86 APK's. To obtain one for your device, you should install it from Google Play and save the APK with a backup application or Total Commander. Then you can pull it to your PC and patch it. Don't forget to uninstall the original app before trying to install the patched one! KNOWN ISSUES These issues are known and can't/won't be fixed. ● On some versions prior to the app crashes when scrolling down 20 messages in thread list, this is not the patcher's fault, use a later version to avoid this bug ( is recommended). ● Back and info buttons on title bar, GIF and Payment buttons don't do anything. ● On Android 6.0+, clicking the blue button in the Messenger permission request window causes a crash. Grant the permissions for the app from Settings/Apps. ● Your basketball and soccer score won't be submitted to the thread. ● From v107, message notifications don't work because Facebook messed up something - use v106 stable instead. QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Q: What does it do to the Facebook app? A: FBPatcher is a desktop Java application that needs a Facebook APK file as input and will provide you a patched APK as output, with Messenger functionality. It only does minimalistic (but yet not trivial) modifications to some classes and the manifest, new code isn't inserted into the app -- the Messenger window with all of its resources and code is in the original APK, this patcher just makes it accessible. Q: Will the patched app be updated via Play Store? A: No, you should always download, patch and install the latest version manually to be up-to-date. Q: Is there any way to make VoIP calls working? A: From V56, no. Use if you need free calls. DESCRIPTION Operations performed by the patcher ● Extracts manifest and dex files. ● Finds patchable classes in the dex files by searching for patterns that identify those classes. ● Disassembles dex files that contain patchable code, automatically modifies the classes and reassembles the files. ● Patches the manifest to remove FB specific permissions and modify the Messenger window's theme. ● [100+ only] Reduces app size by removing unused files. ● Updates the APK with the patched files and signs it. List of patched stuff ● AndroidManifest.xml -- modifies ThreadViewActivity's theme and removes FB specific permissions to allow other FB apps to be installed, also adds CreateThreadActivity again. ● ForceMessenger -- enables in-app messaging. [The following classes don't exist from a specific version / aren't touched by Facebook Patcher 100+] ● MessengerMSiteUriIntentBuilder -- creates entry points for Messenger code instead of mobile messaging site, also enables some features. ● DiodeMessengerActivity -- replaces the 'Install Messenger' Fragment with Messenger thread list. ● ThreadListFragment -- defines an on-click event for thread list items (ThreadViewActivity will be opened with the selected thread / mobile site will show up when tapping message request). ● FacebookActivityDelegate(Impl) -- crash fix for ThreadViewActivity. ● MuteThreadWarningNotification -- crash fix for ThreadViewActivity. ● BballView(.3) -- crash fix for basketball game. ● SoccerFeedbackEmojisView -- crash fix for soccer game. ● MessagesVideoConfigModule -- Enables gallery video sending/transcoding. ● InboxFilterManager.NoSaveStateBehavior -- was missing, added again ● TwoLineComposerView -- remove Payment button action ● ThreadListContextMenuHelper -- remove 'Mute thread' option Included third party libs ● XZ for Java by Tukaani ● smali/baksmali by JesusFreke ● SignApk (part of AOSP) Click to see licenses. Free of Facebook code. WHAT'S NEW Version 2.9, 07-21-2016 ● Support for latest versions (web view messaging only) If you like FBPatcher, you can support its development, or simply click Thanks or share this thread on social media sites.

To keep all discussion on this thread I'm coping my reply here as well. Here is step by step instructions i followed to get it work on windows ( i think linux users knows how to do this simple things ) this guide was written for earlier version of patcher, but #lorantm is providing much easier automated patcher version now (from v1.3+ ) so just follow OP's USAGE GUIDE still you can go through my guide for some deeper details and reference it wouldn't hurt and you will learn some history of patcher ! 1. you need JAVA installed in PC if not install it from here https://java.com/en/download/ 2. Download official (Not patched ) apk of latest stable Facebook(for now v76 here ) or as per recommendation of OP according to patcher version.(USE V75+ TO AVOID THE THREAD LIST SCROLL DOWN BUG! ) 3. download patcher by #lorantm from OP 4. extract patcher in fbpatcher folder (use extract to fbpatcher/ ) 5. put donloaded FB version form 2nd point in this folder and rename it to fb.apk for ease. 6(new). hold Shift and right click on empty space, then select open command prompt here in empty space of your folder that contains fb.apk & fbpatcher.. now No need to copy cmd.exe at that folder...this method will open your system inbuild cmd so skip directly to Point 9 8. now your folder should look like this 9. open cmd.exe and write java -jar fbpatcher.jar fb.apk fbpatched.apk (mind on spaces... see below pic for clarity ) 10. wait for 5-10 min and let patcher do its job you will get fbpatched.apk as patched file. Install & enjoy

that's nice suggestion ! actually i forgot about it while writing guide.

How do you patch the apk on a mac?

I never had a Mac, but I think you should do it just like on Windows or Linux. Install Java, open a command line and run it from there.

So when using patched facebook app, when we click on msg icon, msg interface is loaded in mobile web mode inside the fb app itself. But i am using latest fb app, and latest facebook chat enabler , and it do the same thing. What's the benefit of patching ? Sent from my MI 3W using XDA-Developers mobile app

I replied in the other thread.

I don't think .exe files work on mac, so where would i be able to find the mac .dmg equivalent of the cmd.exe file?

It's Terminal. Open it, navigate to the directory (with the cd command) where you have extracted the patcher and the official apk. Then run java -jar fbpatcher.jar FB72.apk FB72P.apk.

http://www.wikihow.com/Get-to-the-Command-Line-on-a-Mac personally even i never used Mac so i don't know how to open it in any specific folder (like windows has Shift+right click in empty space of folder ) but you can try to navigate to your folder via cd/ commands ( try to google it )

For anyone doing this on a mac you open up terminal and type cd / Then drag the fbpatcher folder into terminal and press enter. Copy and paste java -jar fbpatcher.jar FB72.apk FB72P.apk then press enter again.


A de-bullshified version of Facebook (less ads, less clutter, less crap)

Last edit: 05 / 18 / 2018 Last patched APK update: 05 / 18 / 2018 Last source APK update: 05 / 11 / 2018 Hello. I've been working on a patched Facebook APK for some time. My patched version tries to get rid of as much clutter, junk, and social garbage as possible. I am primarily targeting things like the clutter that pops up after most interactions with content ("Related Articles", "People Also Shared", "More Videos", etc), as well instagram upsells, "suggested posts", ads (obviously), and generally anything designed to either hijack your attention or to disingenuously present itself as "organic" content while being, in fact, paid content. Though I've seen a number of facebook mods on here, I hadn't been able to find anything that focuses this closely on removing clutter and optimizing the interaction between user and content. And although this stuff can probably be done with an Xposed extension, the nice thing about a standalone APK is that non-rooted users can obviously benefit from it too. I don't mind patching the stuff myself, though I'm mainly an ARM dude so having to dig through megs and megs of DEX bytecode all by myself has been rather tedious. The community has shown some interest, so I am publishing a preliminary link to my "bleeding-edge" version below, as well as to an older and possibly more stable version. Clearly you have only my word that I hadn't introduced malware or a bitcoin miner, though you are welcome to unpack the APK and diff it against stock. Terminology List of mods (latest version): Known issues: Installation Prior to installing, be sure to uninstall all other applications that are made by Facebook. This includes FB itself, Messenger, Messenger Lite, Page Manager, etc. These do not always cause installation problems (though they should). The problem is that all apps in the FB family use key-based authentication for data sharing. So since my modded app is signed with my key, all FB companion apps need to be signed with that key as well. I've included some of the popular ones below. You might also need to enable installation of apps from unknown sources. If you get an installation error, try installing with ADB and see what the actual error is. THE STUFF: Facebook LC (the main reason for all this): Latest experimental version: facebook-lc-v12.3 (most up-to-date, but received limited testing as a result) Most recent "stable" version: facebook-lc-v11.1 (stable but older version; might nag you to update) Messenger (v161): https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=818070582850508154 See "past releases" for earlier versions. Other FB apps signed with the same key (but not modified): Messenger (v145): https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=889964283620770051 Messenger (v143): https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=673791459329060741 Messenger Lite (v19): https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=962021903579496430 Messenger Lite (v26): https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=962187416754466503 Pages Manager (v143): https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=889964283620770148 Workplace by Facebook (as of late 11/17): https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=745849072291692749 Workplace Chat (as of late 11/17): https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=673791459329065274 Groups: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fpbo4yupb7...2-resigned.apk FB Lite (as of 8/5/17, re-signed but otherwise unmodified): https://www.dropbox.com/s/22yw4wti33...1-resigned.apk Ads Manager: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kddzttl9h4...2-resigned.apk If someone wants to join forces in terms of decompilation / disassembly / searching the haystack for how to nuke other unwanted FB garbage, please let me know. I can give you the script I use for repacking the APK (though since FB stopped using their obnoxious Buck multi-dex structure, this is basically just a bunch of calls to sha1sum and apktool). My current method of modding the DEX files involves a decompiler (to find the logic I want), a disassembler (to find the instructions I want), a hex editor (to do the actual patching), and FixDEXChecksum from the internets. Surely there must be a better way! I am not sure of smali/baksmali would work here (again, due to multi-dex) but perhaps the less obnoxious (non-Buck) stuff that FB is using these days may be easier to work with when using the smali tools. (I don't really know how this stuff works - I'm more used to ARM code and all this java stuff is way over my head) Changelog and past releases: ENJOY AND HAVE FUN! - evilwombat Ps. At one point, I had a resource-hacked version that replaced all instances of "Like" with "Lick", though I am not sure how well that would fly with modern code. FAQs 1. What if my phone came with Facebook as a system app, and I can't uninstall it? All About Messenger.... You will keep getting Message Notification in FB-LC app even if you don't install messenger, But you won't able to see those message as FB will Redirect/Force you to download messenger (-_-) If you are not heavy FB Messenger user, you can try http://mbasic.facebook.com/messages in browser/chrome when you get notification to see/reply, as i do. (Bookmark that link for easier access) Otherwise read below.... 2. How to Use/Update Messenger with FB-LC You need to sign FB-LC & Messenger (or any other FB app with same signing key 3. But..But...WHY ? 4. How to Sign APKs ? StepsUninstall all the FB apps from your phone including FB-LC Download apk from apkmirror (messenger) & FB-LC from OP (if not already) Sign all these APKs with "test key" (use windows tool for faster signing because zip signer will take half an hour to sign all these) Install these signed APKs Details Windows , (I suggest this option as it'll be much faster) You need Java installed in windows. Download it from here..https://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp Use, https://forum.xda-developers.com/sho....php?t=2478180 OR Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...psigner2&hl=en # Use test-key. Sign with same key to ALL your Facebook apps, FB-LC, Messenger, Lite apps or any other you are using. # You need to sign FB-LC only once before installing (whenever new version comes) For Messenger and all, You have to sign them whenever you want to update it with same key that you used in FB-LC (test-key in this case). # After signing first time you need to Uninstall PlayStore version of all FB apps & original FB-LC before you install your signed apks. As cross signature installation is not possible. # Once you install your signed version you can update them with your future signed version (test-key) without uninstall # After signing Messenger you won't get update via play store. So, you need to use apkmirror whenever you want to update & sign it. You can grab updated apk from here. https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/facebook-2/messenger/ PS : You can zipalign APKs after signing for better ram management. Read Here.(it's not mandatory but recommended). Hi, it has embeedded messenger, like lorantm mod? Post link to test. thanks would like to test it too Gesendet von meinem Y6 Max mit Tapatalk 2 Want to try this as well. Please post the link. Thanks! I'm interested in testing this +1 Sent from my ONE+A2005 using Tapatalk Always interested to try new alternative Facebook app. Paid for swipe and its now broken and not updated, so trying face slim for now Cool. I'm glad people are interested! I have updated the top-level post with links to my current bleeding-edge version. Good luck and have fun! Installed and trying both. Good luck with project, be nice to use "official" apps without any of the downsides #evilwombat can you share your script please? I am using FB v80 patched since all later versions are buggy to me.

[APP][4+] My APK - backup, install, share apps. Bulk apks renamer, mass apks deleter

My APK is a powerful tool for Android. It help you manage installed apps and saved apk files much easier. Extract app to apk file for backup, share it to your friends (directly or give them the Play store links), install apk and much more. Features Manage installed applications - List all of your apps - Filter apps by application type: system (pre-installed) or user - Sort apps by name, package name, installed and updated date, app size (ascending or descending) - Search your app quickly by enter its name or package name - Backup app (support batch processing and compress before saving) to apk. It is super fast! - View app info in a very detail level. It lists all of activities, services, permissions, etc used in an app (useful for developer) - Share app (support batching processing and comperss before sending) via bluetooth, social: Facebook, Skype, Gmail, etc - Share app's Play store link easily - Create shortcut for an app (depends on your launcher, the behaviour may be different) - Uninstall app (batch app installer is in development) - Search similar apps on Play store Manage apks - List all of your apks on your storage - Filter apks by date (today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 14 days and last 30 days) - Sort apks by name, folder, apk size, modified date (ascending or descending). No more File Explorer to lookup your apks - Search apks by name or package name - View apks detail information before installing - Verify apk by checking its md5 to make sure your copy version is safe or not - Install apks easily (batch apk installer is in development) - Share apks fast via Bluetooth or social: Facebook, Skype, Gmail, etc This version does not require root permission More on Homepage: http://www.andatsoft.com/2016/11/my-apk.html Download Free on Play store or Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/otqliyifiq...1-rel.apk?dl=0 Changelog: v - Italian language pack by Losurdo Giovanni - Dark background now applied to black theme - Export apk list to text (format includes title and play store link) - For apk detail, you can now rename, move, delete, copy easily If you face with bugs or have any suggessions, please let me know and I will do my best. Thank you. New version has been updated. Fix smalls bugs. This topic is pretty cold. I have update the new version. https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...soft.myapk.fwa Remove all ads in free version. Hope you enjoy it. bugs report are appreciated. Can I hack an app with this? Sorry but no, you can not hack any app with this app. free version has a small update. remove internet permission ( that I forgot when remove ads) Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...soft.myapk.fwa Thanks. Any idea for the next version? I downloaded it and I realized that it's very useful. Try it. Its very Useful tool Thanks advance

[APP] EasyJoin - A bullet alternative

EasyJoin. Share messages, links, files, folders, notifications and the clipboard easily and securely. Send SMS and manage phone calls from a remote device. What it makes this app so different from other similar applications: • You don't have to login to an external server. You don't need an Internet connection. You are not tracked. • Your files and messages are shared between your devices using only your own WiFi network, preserving your data plan and safeguarding your data. • You do not have the hassle of advertising and your personal data is not available to advertising companies. • You can share files and folders from all file managers. It's the app that adapts to your habits and not the other way around. • You can create your personal WiFi network with one click. • Native applications for all supported operating systems. You deserve more than just a browser plugin. Android app EasyJoin "Essential": Get it from Google Play. EasyJoin "Pro": Get it from Google Play. Windows app Download it here. Linux app Download it here. macOS app Download it here. Learn more at EasyJoin.net. If you have any issues read the FAQ to find a solution. If you have installed the Windows app v1.0 you have to uninstall it and use the live version. If you want to move your current data (messages, trusted devices and configuration) you have to: - open the directory "c:\users\your_user_name\appdata\local\apps\2.0" - locate the "easyjoin.exe" file. In the same directory exist the directory "data". - Copy and paste the "data" directory in the directory "easyjoin.live" From v1.0.1 you have to follow the steps below to update the Windows version: 1. unzip the " easyjoin.portable-v*.zip" file 2. select all files in folder "easyjoin.portable*" 3. copy the selected files in the folder with the current installation of the program Note: All your data (devices, messages, settings) are in the "data" folder. By following the above procedure you don't delete your data, you only update the program. In the Windows version there is a button in the "Settings" menu to check for updates. Your app is very useful. I am using it on windows 10 and android devices. It's working very smooth. Suggestions: 1. If possible you should add an option to select different sound for notifications. 2. You should add theme options in future updates. 3. In message section, Long pressing on message or file should select the message. Just like you can select message & It gives more options in whatsApp. 4. Are you planning to make an app for iOS in future? Uninstall guide for Windows app. You should add step by step uninstall guide for windows app. I am a very basic windows 10 user and I am not able to uninstall the app. I am not able to find directory. It would be great if you can help me with it. Thanks in advance! About uninstalling the windows version. All you have to do is delete the directory containing the program. Only, if you have enabled the "startup on boot", you have to disabled it in order to remove the key from the registry. Is a self contained app, if you exclude the Microsoft .NET Framework that you have installed separately, and all the files that it use are in the same folder/subfolder. 1,2 are in the todo list. 3. will be available in the next version. 4. Creating an iOs version is not in the current plan because I miss the hardware needed for development. Available from version 1.0.10. You can send a message (text or file/image) to another application. You can also select multiple messages to forward to an other device or delete. That's awesome and It was fast! Thanks a lot for quick update! Just one suggestion about point 3. When you select text, there should be an option to copy it. Just like WhatsApp. *About uninstalling windows version: - I am not able to find the directory. Is it unzipped folder location for easyjoin.exe file? Deleting easyjoin.exe deletes the program, right? - Also what's the location for that registry file? *About future plans: 1.What are your plans about easyjoin? 2.There are only few good apps that does file sharing notification sharing for devices. Is it a fun project to provide a free app to users or You are planning to make premium version in future? 3.When did you think about making this app? Are you working on some other apps? Is the folder containing the easyjoin.exe file. If you have enabled "startup on boot" open the app, uncheck the box and then delete the easyjoin folder. The registry file is the Windows one but don't worry about it, just follow the above instructions.. My plan at the moment is to create an easy-to-use application, improve the UI (the current user interface should be considered in alpha version), which does not need an external server to share files and notifications and do not overwhelm the user with advertising. Android app update There is a new file browser to select the files or folder to send to other devices. You can use the file browser as stand alone app - there is a new icon in the app list. Very good job. 'Till now I've used an app that use the ip addresss within the same network to make connection between phone and pc. But your app is faster and simpler.

File Manager 10 [Beta] [Pleas Help]

Today it has finally come and I can you the first video my file manager present. It is personally important to me, that he completely differs from apps of its kind, resulted in a completely new concept. The app has two window, which can perform both tasks at the same time different. The window size is thereby always changeable. In the current version, files can be dragged it back and forth from different places. The other plan is that one different can load plugins in Windows, which you can directly view files or even edit. Momory Cards and One Drive are at present fully integrated. Copy, move, delete goes in all possible directions. And that in multiple threads in the background. If one moves so larger files you can continue working without waiting times. To the rename of files I made me even more. You can rename a file and you can rename right at once the whole selection. So far so good. Well since you asked! What is you important on a file manager. What files are important to you, should be included. I will publish the first beta soon and have further before further processes of the app to provide. Who has interest, send me his Live ID in a PN. Thank you very much! the first video for the app, you'll see the system and how to copy files in up to 4 threads in the background. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0S7aMno8B-s Unfortunately, I am very busy at the moment. But I think that I can publish up to the weekend of the first beta. At the moment I'm still working on a plugin for DropBox. The first beta is online Link to the store! http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=...8-a5d4ac0c4d1e To prepare the app for the plugins, I have the whole ActionBar (right bar) rebuild. I created also an image viewer plugin, which can be loaded into the Windows and supports local files, such one drive files. By that they load into the window, you can use two at once. Here are the other features of the store description *** Beta 1 *** - Two Windows with adjustable size - Support for storage media - Full integration of one drive - Tasks run in the background - Plugins can be loaded in Windows - Rename multiple files at once - Direct instructions by voice Output - Supports all display formats *** Plugins *** -Image Viewer Beta1 Supports: ".jpg", ".jpeg", ".jpe", ".bmp", ".png", ".gif" Today I uploaded the next beta! *** Beta 2 *** What's new: - I had to delete the documents folder. As you have certainly noticed the app crashed at the open of the documents folder. This has to do with that access rights. The folder may be used only from apps with corporate hub. - The folder private is now fully functional Here you can create your own folder system in the IsoStore of the app. The question for you, whether I should provide the password protection is important here. Advantage: You could protect the files. Disadvantage: One forgets his password, so the files are lost forever! - You can now switch between speech or info display. This appears at the simply click below for 1.5 seconds. - In the speech output, you can now select the gender. - For Rename multiple files and folders you can now select to use leading zeros in the number behind the files. - The system to use to plugins started to develop. Here you can choose then later in the settings, plug-ins, which plugin you want to open the respective types of files. -A first alpha version of the zip plugin is included. Alpha because it can unpack anything. You can read the file. With the plugin you can use later also your .zip files as other folders. - The image viewer plugin has been improved What has not finished yet, is an improvement of double clicks! Have fun with it MfG Moses The first public version of the app is online. The only File Manager with to Windows and full one drive Integration. I have finished the first version of File Manager 10. The Name of the app is localized, so the Name is in all countrys different. To Download it use this link with your phone. http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=...7-edad7fa763bb Here are some pictures and the desription from the store. *** File Manager *** - Two Windows with adjustable size - Open, copy, move, delete, rename - Support for storage media - Full integration of one drive - Tasks run in the background - Plugins can be loaded in Windows - Rename multiple files at once - Private folder in the app directory - Direct instructions by voice Output - Supports all display formats *** Plugins *** - Zip Plugin Supports: ".zip" Viewing, unzip - - Image Viewer Plugin Supports: ".jpg", ".jpeg", ".jpe", ".bmp", ".png", ".gif" , ".tif", ".tiff" Viewing, rotate, flip - sir i have posted your app in my blog please dont mind http://lumians.blogspot.in/2015/03/f...ows-phone.html Downloaded just now, Will post impressions later It's lagging a lot, also action buttons aren't responsive, I need to press a couple of times for a button to execute the action it does, also viewing files needs to be done in the second pane, as this way one can view fast the contents of a specific folder and mark needed files for specific action. Just got my first WP and will test.

[App] CS Clipboard CTRL 1.0

As I found myself having to repeat typing the same text (email, signature etc) I decided to create this app to assist me on the matter. The app provides the next functionality: - Copy from a predefined (favorites) list of text entries. - Copy text which has been typed in the app. - Overlay window which allows the background running app to remain active and able to paste the copied text from the utility. - Floating window (can be dragged) or be minized to allow for better visibility of the background running app. Does not require root access. Permissions Explanation --- - System tools Be able to start at boot Google Play Store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...sclipboardctrl where's the download link? I've added the Play Store link to the thread's OP.
Sours: https://dev.bettermobileapp.com/article/10399669/%5BAPP%5D%5B4.0.3%2B%5D+Facebook+Patcher+100%2B+-Avoid+using+Messenger%2C+send+messages+from+FB+app
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(Lil) Green Patch

(Lil) Green Patch was a Facebook application developed by Ashish Dixit and David King [1] that simulated a small garden on a Facebook user's profile. By tending their and their friends' gardens, the Facebook users were able to raise money for The Nature Conservancy to save the rainforest. In September 2008, it was rated as the number one application on Facebook, ahead of Texas HoldEm Poker.[2] In April 2009, it had slid to a sixth-place ranking.[3]

(Lil) Green Patch became unavailable to users on June 10, 2010, following a decision by new owners Playdom to discontinue the application.[4]

Popularity and area of rainforest saved[edit]

In the first quarter of 2008, (Lil) Green Patch users raised over $15,000 in donations, which was enough to save more than 13,600,000 square feet (1.26 km2) of rainforest.[5] The application was then among the 15 most popular Facebook applications, with 350,000 active users.[1] In June 2008, it was one of the top ten most installed applications, with more than 5,217,180 installations and 521,718 active users a day.[6] By October 2008, the app had raised $91,000 for The Nature Conservancy.[7] By December 2008, the number of users was reported at 6.3 million, and the application was ranked as one of the five most popular Facebook applications. The area of Costa Rican rainforest that had been saved at that time was up to 70 million square feet.[8]

In its final accounting, Causes.com, the independent charity clearinghouse for Facebook apps that processed its donations, reported that (Lil) Green Patch had generated $210,261[9] in contributions for The Nature Conservancy. As of December 2010, it remained the all-time top recruiter for this charity, with nearly 1,200 users,[10] more than double the next largest contributor.


Playdom acquired the independent Green Patch team in November 2009.[11] While Green Patch benefited from the huge increase in Facebook members going on concurrently, many of these new Facebook users were unfamiliar with independent organizations such as Causes.com used to provide accountability for charitable contributions, but hyper aware of similar scams common elsewhere on the web. As a result, the accuracy of Green Patch's charity donation were widely questioned in blog comments.[12]

Another source of controversy swirled about the amount of the donations relative to the size of the user population. Despite an average donation per contribution ratio exceeding $175 per contributor, some detractors disparaged the game by claiming total donations amounted to just pennies per user.[13]


Rumors, speculation and controversy also surround the surprise cancellation of the still popular (Lil) Green Patch just 6 months after Playdom acquired the Green Patch team and the month immediately prior to the announcement of Playdom's acquisition by Disney.[14] Playdom also announced they were canceling all other games from the GreenPatch except (Lil) Farm Life.

Also during the time between the rapid rise of (Lil) Green Patch and its subsequent acquisition and eventual cancellation, competitor Zynga initiated trade secrets lawsuits against Green Patch, Playdom and 22 other rivals.[15] These lawsuits were settled subsequent to Disney's acquisition of Playdom.[16]

Inspiration for a New Genre[edit]

(Lil) Green Patch has been described as the "granddaddy of green Facebook apps" and its game play and art style have inspired many other similar applications.[17]

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