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In The Outer Worlds, it’s clear Edgewater isn’t exactly well put together. But one of its citizens, Ludwig, is especially fanatical. He believes the robot uprising is upon us, and he wants you to join his Resistance to stop them.

Here’s how to complete the Die, Robot side quest in The Outer Worlds.

Picking up the quest

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  • Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon
  • Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

If you’ve already done the A Small Grave Favor quest from Silas, you likely already have Die, Robot quest from when you collected the gravesite fees from Ludwig. If not, go to the shipyard to the east of Edgewater and find Ludwig. He’s usually hanging out in the little guard shed.

Talk through Ludwig’s Resistance propaganda until he asks you to fight for him and take out a robot.

Deal with the Mechanical Scout

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  • Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

Now that Ludwig’s recruited you, walk back toward Edgewater and take the path to the right. This leads to the back of the city, where the town has amassed a dump. Go inside. You’ll find a harmless robot teetering around. He’s a damaged mechanical sentry — the robot you’re looking for.

You have two options here. You could murder the robot like Ludwig wants, or you can fix him.

Killing is easier, but fixing comes in handy down the line. If you kill the sentry, move on to the next step.

Navigation systems, huh? I could probaly fix you up.

If you want to fix the robot, you’ll need 38 Engineering. That is a high stat roll for this early in the game, but it’s manageable if you’re a tech-focused character. Make sure you have some armor with a tech boost (the cryo suit you get has a tech boost on it).

If you’re still low, consider progressing further in the Stranger in a Strange Land story and picking up your first companion, Parvati. She can assist in engineering check, and add to your overall score. If you fix the bot, return to Ludwig and tell him you’ve solved his robot problem.

Return to Ludwig

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After you’ve taken care of the robot, return to Ludwig. He’ll congratulate you, and send you to pick up his secret weapon, which he’s stashed behind a toilet in the local cantina.

Find Ludwig’s secret weapon

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Head back into Edgewater and walk into the cantina — it’s in the middle of town. Walk in and keep to your left. Go in the first stall on your right and look behind the toilet. You’ll see a small bundle. Grab it and return to Ludwig.

Return to Ludwig

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Tell Ludwig you’ve got his package. He’ll give you a new weapon mod: Mag-2-Zap. With this, you can alter the damage type of any of your weapons to Shock damage. Shock damage is super effective against machines, so consider applying it to your favorite gun now.

Ludwig will also tell you it’s time for your final mission: an assault on the old Geothermal Plant to retrieve a Logic Module. But first, you need to go talk to Reed in the Saltuna Cannery tower.

Speak with Reed

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You need to talk to Reed for the Stranger in a Strange Land quest anyway, so head behind the cantina and look for the office door. It’s under the Spacer’s Choice sign.

Go in and walk into the elevator. Meet Reed up at the top, and he’ll give you access to the Geothermal Plant.

Retrieve a Logic Module

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  • Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon
  • Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

Head to the Geothermal Plan via the broken gate. Fight off the robots and walk in through the front door. Walk forward and down the stairs, into a long hallway.

On your right, you’ll see old employee lockers, but on your left you’ll find a security office. Walk into the security office and root around in the computer files — you’ll see that someone hid the Logic Module in the room behind you.

Turn around and try to open to the door. If your lock-picking ability is high enough, enjoy the quick entry and move on. If not, you’ll need to find a key.

Finding the key

Turn back around and move into the Geothermal Plant. Walk down the stairs, fight a robot, and turn into the room on your right.

There’s a security office to the right of the room, and you may see a familiar robot plugged into the wall. Wouldn’t you know, it’s the scout bot from earlier — assuming you repaired him. It’ll offer to help you clear the area of robots, and we suggest you say yes — better its bullets than yours.

Go up the stairs in the security office and across the walkway. There are some robots in here, so clean them out and look around. Behind the room’s central computer, you’ll find a bodhy slumped against the wall. It’s the security chief’s corpse. Loot the body, and grab the key card.

Now you need to return to the locked door and use the Geothermal security chief card to open the door. The Logic Module is on a shelf, alongside a bunch of other loot. Grab it all and head back to Ludwig.

Step 7: Return to Ludwig

Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

Give Ludwig the Logic Module back in town, and he’ll reward you with money and a ton of experience.

Sours: https://www.polygon.com/outer-worlds-guide-walkthrough/21280935/die-robot-side-quest-walkthrough-mechanical-scout-geothermal-plant-secret-weapon-logic-module

The Outer Worlds: Die, Robot Quest Walkthrough

By Ben Jessey


Here's a complete walkthrough for the Die, Robot Quest in The Outer Worlds.

In The Outer Worlds, you meet all sorts of strange people while traveling around Halcyon. For instance, one odd individual spends their time outside of Edgewater, preparing to take down all of the robots in the galaxy.

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His name is Ludwig Miller, and he wants your help in what he believes is a noble pursuit. You can only assist him by completing the Die, Robot quest, which is one of the better side quests in the game. The main objective is to grab an important item from the Geothermal Plant, but there's plenty to do before that. Here is how to complete it all.

Talk To Ludwig Miller

To begin the quest, you need to speak with Ludwig Miller. The odd man is at the Edgewater Landing Pad, which is right outside of the town. During the conversation, he'll spout plenty of anti-machine propaganda.

Simply go along with what he's saying, and offer to join his resistance. You can even try to persuade him to pay you for enlisting. Eventually, he'll ask you to deal with a nearby mech that he believes is on a scouting mission.

Deal With The Malfunctioning Scout

Your target is right outside of Edgewater to the northeast, roaming around a junkyard. The mech is already in bad shape, and you've got three options to deal with him:

  • Fix Him - By talking to the bot, you'll get the chance to fix him. But it's only possible if you've got high enough engineering skills.
  • Get Parvati To Fix Him - If you've got Parvati in your party while talking to the mech, she'll offer to fix him. Afterward, she'll name him Jeremy.
  • Kill Him - Ludwig asked you to murder the bot. To follow the man's orders, you can just attack him. He's already damaged, so he's not much of a threat.

Regardless of how you choose to deal with the mech, you need to return to Ludwig afterward.

Find The Secret Weapon

Upon your return, Ludwig will commend you for dealing with the scout. Then the man will claim that you need better weaponry if you're going to take down all of the mechs. No, he doesn't hand you one of the best science weapons in the game. Instead, he tells you that he's stashed something in the Cantina bathroom.

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The Cantina is in the center of Edgewater. Once inside, go left past the bar and enter the first room on your right. In there, you will find Ludwig's package behind the toilet. You can now go back to the man and tell him about your pick-up. You will receive the Mag-2-Zap weapon mod.

Get A Geothermal's Plant Passcode

Ludwig's next assignment will be to infiltrate the Geothermal Power Plant, which requires a passcode. You may already have a code from the main quest, but if you don't, you can get one from Reed Tobson.

He's in the Saltuna Cannery factory within Edgewater. The building is behind the Cantina, and once you're inside, you need to ride the elevator to the top. Reed will be there, and during the conversation, he'll give you the passcode.

Enter Geothermal Plant

When you have the passcode, head northwest of Edgewater to the Geothermal plant. Unfortunately, the place is not a pleasant settlement - it's an area filled with mechanical enemies.

To get inside, follow the fenceto the right of the electrified entrance to find a hole in the wall. Then once you've dealt with the machines outside, you can enter the marked door.

Get The Logic Module

Unless you've already cleared it out, the Geothermal Plant will be filled with plenty of hostile machines. You've entered such a dangerous place because you're looking for a Logic Module.

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Thankfully, the piece of equipment is not hard to find. Leave the first room, and go down the stairs directly in front of you. The Module is in the room to the left of the stairs. However, the door to the room is locked. Moments like this are why the thief build is one of the best in the game, as if you have a high enough lockpick skill, you can simply unlock the door and grab the Module. Otherwise, you require the keycard.

Find The Keycard

To get the keycard, you need to head deeper into the facility. These are the steps you need to take:

  • Enter the room directly facing the one that contains the Logic Module.
  • Use the terminal and input the passcode, then read the personal files for more context to what's happening.
  • Leave the room, and go through the door that's facing the stairs.
  • Turn to the right, head down the pathway, and go through the door to your right.
  • You're now in a new area, and you want to head to the right side of it.
  • Over there is another room to go in, and inside is the scout from earlier if he's still alive.
  • Regardless of whether the bot is there or not, you must go upstairs.
  • Run across the walkway and enter the room on your right.
  • In there is the security chief's body hidden behind a turned-over table. Loot the corpse to find the keycard.
  • There are a lot of items and interesting things in the building, so you can explore if you want.
  • When you want to progress, though, go back to the room with the Logic Module and pick it up.

Return To Ludwig

The last objective of the quest is to speak with Ludwig one last time. During the discussion, hand over the Logic Module. At this point, the quest will come to an end.

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Die, Robot

Die, Robot is a side quest in Edgewater Landing Pad in Emerald Vale.


Ludwig Miller, a guard watching over the landing pad south of Edgewater, is convinced that automechanicals are planning to wipe out humanity. He asks the Stranger to help him wage a secret war against the mechanical menace.


The quest is started by speaking to Ludwig Miller near the entrance of the Edgewater landing pad and agreeing to join the resistance against the automechanicals. With a Persuade 5 check, one can convince him to pay an upfront enlistment fee of 75 bits.

Deal with the mechanical scout[]

Ludwig's first task is to destroy a damaged mechanical sentry located at the Edgewater junkyard. Miller claims it is a scout for the automechanicals at the geothermal power plant.

The automechanical scout isn't hostile when it is approached. It can either be destroyed per Ludwig's request or repaired, as it is only roaming the junkyard because its navigation systems are damaged. Repairing the automechanical requires an Engineering check (30). Alternatively, Parvati can repair the scout if she is in the party. If Parvati repairs the automechanical she will nickname it Jeremy and it will return to the geothermal power plant.

Regardless of the choice made, report back to Ludwig where he will tell the Stranger about a secret weapon he had stashed behind a toilet in the Spacer's Choice Cantina. After retrieving the Sealed Bundle, return it to Ludwig to receive a Mag-2-Zap as a reward.

Retrieving a Logic Module[]

Ludwig then asks the Stranger to retrieve an undamaged logic module in the geothermal power plant. Accessing the plant requires the Geothermal Passcode which must be granted by Reed Tobson, in the Edgewater Saltuna Cannery. The passcode is given as part of the Comes Now the Power quest. After obtaining the passcode, travel to the geothermal power plant.

Several automechanicals are patrolling the gated area and many more are inside the plant. Enter the plant and continue straight down the stairs from the main entrance. The logic module is locked behind a door on the left opposite a security office. It requires Lockpick 45 (62 with Peril on Gorgon) or the Geothermal Security Chief's Keycard to access.

The keycard is on S. Tanaka's corpse located in the control room. The control room is behind the locked door at the end of the hallway. This door can be unlocked by using the terminal in the security office to input the passcode which Tobson provided.

Go to the end of the hallway, travel down the ramp and go through the door. There are two mechanical sentries guarding this room who will be hostile on sight. Go up the stairs at the far end of the room, cross the bridge and enter the control room on the right. S. Tanaka's corpse lies behind an overturned table next to a light machine gun. Loot the keycard from their corpse and return to the locked storeroom and unlock it. The Corrupted Logic Module is on a shelf in the room, along with two mag-picks and other assorted loot.

Return to Miller and give him the logic module to receive a reward of 500 bits and the Shock-stick.

Quest Stages[]

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
1 Deal with the Mechanical ScoutLudwig reports that he's spotted a forward scout of the mechanical army north of the landing pad. As a test of your mettle, he's requested that you dispose of this scout in the name of humanity.
2 Return to LudwigYou heroically trashed the mechanical scout, preventing vital Intel from falling into the hands of its metallic masters. Ludwig will be pleased. (Or Repair it for future use, requires 38 engineering) "38 skills are required only if attractiveness is above average, if attractiveness is lower then 65 skills are required. This mechanic needs to be checked to create accurate information.
3 Find Ludwig's Secret WeaponLudwig revealed that he's tucked away a secret weapon in Edgewater, to be used in the event of a mechanical uprising. He's decided to entrust the weapon to you to aid in the crusade. The weapon should be in the bathroom of Edgewater's cantina.
4 Return to Ludwig.You found the weapon that Ludwig had stashed in Edgewater. Return to him and learn how he intends to use it against the mechanical menace.
5 Retrieve a Logic ModuleThe geothermal plant in the northwest portion of the region has been taken over by automechanicals. Ludwig wants you to infiltrate the plant and retrieve a logic module from one of the automechanicals there.
6 Return to Ludwig.Head back to the landing pad and deliver the logic module to Ludwig.


  • Although Ludwig says Geothermal Passcode is needed to enter the plant to pick up the logic module and the journal updates accordingly[1], the module can be accessed without it if one has high enough lockpick skill (62 with Peril on Gorgon). The quest can be completed without ever talking to Reed Tobson - upon picking up the module the journal will update and the objective "Speak with Reed" will be completed.


The name of this quest is a reference to the classic science fiction novel I, Robot by Isaac Asimov.


  1. ↑ Journal: "Ludwig wants you to head to the region's geothermal plant for an important mission, but to gain entry to the plant you'll need to get the passcode from Reed Tobson, who runs the town of Edgewater."
Sours: https://theouterworlds.fandom.com/wiki/Die,_Robot
PLANET OF THE ROBOTS: Four Futures of Automation - 1Dime

Outer Worlds: Best Damage Type for Every Enemy

The combat in Outer Worlds is all about using your arsenal efficiently to cause the most damage possible. Here are the best types of damage for every enemy in Outer Worlds.

Best Damage Type for Every Enemy in Outer Worlds

In past Obsidian games, you have access to a massive selection of weapons that can wreak havoc on your enemies. Outer Worlds is no different, so there’s plenty of room to find what you prefer.

Even if you start to lean one way or the other, it might be smarter to carry a few different kinds of weapons since the enemies in Outer Worlds have different weaknesses.

Depending on if you’re going up against creatures or robots, you may want to switch up your weapon of choice. Here’s what each one is weak against.

Robot Weakness

This may be common sense based on other video games, but weapons that deal shock damage will be more impactful against robots than any other type of enemy.

The idea here is that the electrical properties of your weapon will short out the robots thus causing more damage to the enemy. Make sure to stock up on these weapons if you have a quest that requires lots of robot battles.

Creature Weakness

Creatures in Outer Worlds have a wide range of appearances, but they all have one thing in common. They’re all exceptionally weak against weapons that deal plasma damage.

Since creatures are all over the place, it’s not a bad idea to always keep your plasma weapons at the ready to take on these enemies as quickly as possible.

Right now this is all we know when it comes to the best damage types for every enemy in Outer Worlds. More details will be added to this guide as we discover more damage-type weaknesses.

If you’re having any troubles with other parts of Outer Worlds, then check out our guide wiki once it goes live or you can just search Twinfinite.

Sours: https://twinfinite.net/2019/10/outer-worlds-best-damage-type-every-enemy/

Worlds robots outer

Die, Robot is one of the Side Quests in The Outer Worlds. Side Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


Ludwig Miller, a guard watching over the landing pad south of Edgewater, is convinced that automechanicals are planning to wipe out humanity. He's asked you to help him wage a secret war against the mechanical menace.

Die, Robot Objectives

  • Deal with the Mechanical Scout
    Ludwig reports that he's spotted a forward scout of the mechanical arm north of the landing pad. As a test of your mettle, he's requested that you dispose of this scout in the name of humanity.
  • Return to Ludwig
    You repaired the "mechanical scout", which was just lost due to a dislodged navigation module. You should return to Ludwig.
  • Find Ludwig's Secret Weapon
    Ludwig revealed that he's tucked away a secret weapon in Edgewater, to be used in the event of a mechanical uprising. He's decided to entrust the weapon to you to aid in the crusade. The weapon should be in the bathroom of Edgewater's cantina.
  • Return to Ludwig
    You found the weapon that Ludwig had stashed in Edgewater. Return to him and learn how he intends to use it against the mechanical menace.
  • Retrieve a Logic Module
    The Geothermal Power Plant in the northwest portion of the region has been taken over by autochemicals. Ludwig wants you to infiltrate the plant and retrieve a logic module from one of the automechanicals there.
    A terminal log in the geothermal plant's security office mentioned that the logic unit has been locked in a storage room across the hall. You'll need to find the keycard to the room unless you can pick your way in. Perhaps the security chief had it on him?
    According to a terminal log, automechanicals turned hostile and began attacking the other workers. The plant's security chief responded by making his way down to the control room.
  • Return to Ludwig
    Head back to the landing pad and deliver the logic module to Ludwig.


Die, Robot Walkthrough

You will obtain this quest at the Landing Pad south of Edgewater in Emerald Vale. You should talk to Ludwig Miller there and go along with his theory of the mechanical uprising. He will give you the quest and you can then set off slightly north toward the Junkyard.

At the Junkyard, you will find a robot that needs fixing (Mechanics 38) - if you have Parvati she will fix it for you, and you can return to Ludwig. You will be rewarded with some XP, and he will reveal the location of a "Secret Weapon" in the lavatory in Edgewater's Cantina.

Go to the canteen and look behind the toilet, you can pick up Ludwig's Sealed Bundle. You will receive 1700xp.

Return to Ludwig at the Landing Pad, you will receive another 1700xp and Mag-2-Zap (Weapon Mod). You will need the Geothermal's Plant passcode, which you obtain by talking to Reed Tobson for the Stranger in a Strange Land quest.

Geothermal Plant Repair Bay (4F)

The first switch is found soon after you descend to the 4th floor. Activate the switch then explore a nearby room to find Jeremy has made its way here. Talk to Jeremy, and he will say the logic is defective and all other automechanicals must be permanently dismantled. Accept its offer and explore the area to further advance your understanding of the events. Namely, you can piece together that Spacer's Choice took an insurance policy on the plant, then altered the robot logic without telling local employees to create a catastrophe, so they might cash in the policy and increase their profits.

From the Repair Bay, take the staircase leading up and follow it to a room where you will find the Security Chief's Corpse. Loot the Geothermal Security Chief's Keycard from it and pick up Light Machine Gun if you want. In this same room, if you have Chester's Passcode you can hack a terminal.

Geothermal Plant 5F

On the fifth floor where you first used the passcode, you can use Security Chief's Keycard to open the room containing Corrupted Logic Module. You can also loot Mag-Pick, Adrena-Time, Adreno and Weapon Parts from this room.

 Return to Ludwig at the Landing Pad to turn the item in and claim your reward.


Die, Robot Rewards

Unlocks quest: None

Other Rewards: XP, Mag-2-Zap, 11,430xp, Shock-Stick (Unique weapon), Bit Cartridge, Spacer's Choice Reputation Up.



Sours: https://theouterworlds.wiki.fextralife.com/Die,+Robot
The Outer Worlds - A.I. Flirting With Robot, And Chatting With Captain

Why a robot janitor is The Outer Worlds' best companion

Having a robot as your buddy is pretty much the dream for any fan of science fiction, and if you're playing The Outer Worlds you'll be pleased to find there's a robot companion available to follow you around on your adventures. And not only is this robot a great companion, he's the best of the six companions in The Outer Worlds.

His name is SAM, which stands for Sanitation and Maintenance. The janitorial robot was found on a scrapheap by your ship's previous owner and just needs a bit of fixing up to activate and weaponize him (we've got instructions on how to get SAM up and running in the article linked above).

What makes SAM so great? A whole buncha things. Note: there are a few small spoilers for The Outer Worlds companions below.

He's literally just a robot

In science fiction you rarely encounter a main character who is just a robot. Robots are typically borderline human. If they don't already have emotions then they at least aspire to have them. They want to understand why we cry, they want to know what love is, they watch old movies with their head cocked to one side, desperately trying to understand human nature. Usually, their deepest wish is to actually become human. And I'm frankly tired of that shit.

I say, let robots be robots sometimes. SAM is just a robot. He participates in group conversations (as in the gif above, which has sound), but just to spout some programmed marketing line about his make and model or to offer cleaning tips or to explain that the human-type stuff you're discussing does not compute. Often, his lines are still metaphorically relevant to the conversation, which is fun, but he's a wonderfully uncomplicated soul. He's a machine and he likes to clean. In a world of people with complicated motives and opinions and feelings, that's blessedly welcome.

He's an excellent cleaner

SAM views your enemies like dirt: something to be removed. And nothing gets out tough grime like, well, acid. SAM has been modified and equipped with an acid-spraying hose to wash your enemies away, and it's effective as hell. Imagine Rosie from The Jetsons with the Terminator's chip in her head, and you get the picture.

To SAM, the world is just filled with stains that need cleansing, and a high-pressure dose of caustic acid is just the thing to do it. Set SAM's combat behavior to aggressive (you'll find it in the companion menu) and put him on point. He'll clear (and clean) the path for you. 

He's also an excellent cleaner

But, literally, SAM is a cleaner. He was built to clean, and when you're not in combat that's what he does. While your other companions will sit around on your ship, passing the time with conversation, SAM will clomp around busily keeping the place nice and neat. He'll dust off consoles, hose down floors (with water, not acid) and keep your spaceship place sparkling fresh. 

He's a wrecking ball

SAM's special attack is a stomp. It's great. He rockets into the air and comes down feet-first on any enemy you target. It's a devastating attack that almost always staggers your opponents, if it doesn't outright kill them.

Combined with his acid hose, he's a real powerhouse. He rockets up, slams down, knocks your enemies sprawling, and then opens up his acid spigot and douses the inert foe with toxic chemicals until they're finished. Often, there's nothing for you to do besides watch and appreciate the master at work. That's what robots are for: to make your life (and your foe's death) easier.

He's doesn't have a moral compass

Sometimes companions object to your actions, such as when I directed one of human partners to, um... attack members of their own family. It was a dick move on my part, admittedly, but I only did it to see what would happen! What happened was, this companion followed my direction, brutally attacked their relatives, and then got extremely upset and left me forever.

SAM doesn't have any relatives to attack, as far as I know. (We did meet another cleaning robot but he didn't seem recognize it.) But even if he did, I'm sure he would attack them without any quibbles or protests if I asked him to. I'm not always a rotten jerk in games, but when I am, I appreciate it when my followers don't give me a bunch of flak about it and stomp off in a huff.

He doesn't do ladders

There are ladders to climb in The Outer Worlds, and your companions will follow your lead and climb them, too. But SAM isn't really built for that sort of travel, so he uses his rocket powered knees to go up and down ladders. Why is this a plus? It just is. Rockets are just better than feet.

He doesn't crouch, either, but when you're trying to be stealthy he's considerate enough to mute his speakers.

His backstory is uncomplicated

It's every space captain's duty to get to know the members of the crew because when you talk to companions sometimes they have quests you can complete or stories that flesh them out a bit more. I asked SAM about himself, and his entire backstory was that he was shipped fully assembled in a corrugated steel box.

No tangles. No hassles. No long, drawn-out tales. That's his whole backstory. It's so wonderfully simple.

You can hack him for fun

This feels mean, especially if you're as fond of SAM as I have become. But while you're on your ship, you can sneak up behind him and hack him. This disables him and causes him to hunch over and shoot sparks. It feels... a bit sad to do this to him, honestly. And I saw this as a person who commanded one of his companions to obliterate their relatives.

Don't worry, though! He recovers after a minute and goes about his work as if nothing happened.

The ship's computer has a thing for him

Like I said, SAM likes to tidy up the ship, but at one point I walked in on him while he was using a feather duster on the bridge. ADA, the ship's computer, seemed to be... enjoying it quite a bit (you can turn on the sound in the gif above). 

ADA definitely has a thing for SAM and his talents with a handful of feathers. SAM, on the other hand, doesn't seem to notice or care. That's the great thing about a robot that's just a robot. There's no confusing feelings or unrequited love on his end. SAM's just doing his job, and as always, he's doing it well.

Chris has a love-hate relationship with survival games and an unhealthy fascination with the inner lives of NPCs. He's also a fan of offbeat simulation games, mods, and ignoring stories in RPGs so he can make up his own.
Sours: https://www.pcgamer.com/heres-why-a-robot-janitor-is-the-outer-worlds-best-companion/

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