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Eat your heart out, Kelly Clarkson. Karaoke night out on the town is full of fun, but if you don’t find yourself singing around the house every day, your rendition of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” might have your friends and others listening holding their palms over their ears. You know what they say: practice makes perfect. So before you head to another karaoke bar for a night full of tunes, practice at home with the best karaoke machines.

Why karaoke? Well, what’s great about this Japanese import is that the activity is perfect for household cohesion as everyone can get involved. Whether your roommate is a wannabe Bieber, your wife’s Mariah in the making or you’ve longed to teach your kids about “the classics” you keep on vinyl for your record player turntable, a weekly karaoke night is a sure-fire, non-competitive way to get everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, in a good mood.

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When it comes to choosing the best karaoke machine for you, it’s important to understand there are several elements to take into account. The right choice will depend on whether it’s purely for home use, the number of people you want to sing a single song and whether or not you want it to be a permanent fixture in your home decor. Here are several considerations to take into account when choosing your machine:

  • Wired vs. Wireless Microphones
  • Bluetooth Technology vs Wired Connectivity
  • Battery Power vs Plug-In
  • Portability
  • Built-In Speakers vs TV-Use Only


The Best Karaoke Apps

It’s also important to note that karaoke has come a long way from CDs. Gone are the days you need to own a CD with built-in lyrics to sing your favorite songs. Today, thousands of tracks are available online. Most karaoke machines are compatible with today’s touchscreen devices through Bluetooth, and while you could just pull up your favorites on YouTube or Spotify, there are also dozens of karaoke-specific apps built to function like those old CDGs. Some of the best karaoke apps to get for your new karaoke machine include:

Below, you’ll find 14 of the best karaoke machines available to get your at-home inaugural karaoke night underway. Get ready to pick up your karaoke microphone and give your favorite song a whirl


1. KaraoKing Karaoke Machine


The KaraoKing Karaoke Machine has received over 800 five-star reviews on Amazon from wannabe pop stars who love this versatile device. It’s ideal for at-home use and sports an intuitive design. The included stand makes it easy to use your smartphone or tablet to display your sing-along tunes on screen. The kit comes with a pair of wireless microphones that let you sing until your heart’s content. This heavy-duty machine also features built-in wheels, a telescopic handle and cut-out handles for a range of portability options, too. In addition, you’ll find a disco light mounted on the top of the device to complete the genuine party atmosphere.

best karaoke machine karaokingImage courtesy of Amazon


2. JYX Karaoke Machine


This speaker from JYX substitutes bright lights for a sleek and simple machine. Two speakers are included with the unit. It comes in three sizes, depending on how big of a party you want to have (and how close your next-door neighbors are). It utilizes Bluetooth to easily connect with your favorite karaoke app. Not in a karaoke mood and want to hear someone else sing? Tune into your favorite station with the built-in FM tuner.

best karaoke machine - JYX Karaoke MachineImage Courtesy of Amazon


3. ION Audio Block Rocker Plus


The ION Audio Block Rocker Plus is a versatile karaoke machine choice. It boasts a sturdy, plastic construction which makes it strong enough to withstand the rigors of use at home and away. The design includes built-in wheels, a telescopic handle and cut-out handles for multiple options when moving your karaoke device. It also incorporates 50 watts of dynamic power, a bass-boost button and Bluetooth connectivity for high-quality sound and convenience. Additionally, the internal battery can last up to 50 hours and the interface includes a handy USB port and FM radio. This is a great choice for remote use during camping, tailgating, parties and other outdoor get-togethers.

ION Audio Block Rocker Plus, best karaoke machineCourtesy of Amazon


4. Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke System


The Singing Machine Home Karaoke System is the ideal choice for parents looking for a way to entertain kids. The Singing Machine Bluetooth karaoke system comes with 54 LED disco lights which all kiddos will love. It also boasts dimmer settings so that you can control how rockin’ their party is. The player is compatible with Bluetooth, CDs as well as traditional karaoke CDGs (CD plus graphics). RCAL cables are also included with the device so that you can hook it up to your TV to see scrolling lyrics as the kids sing.

MORE: Best Karaoke Machines for Kids

Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke SystemCourtesy of Amazon


5. EARISE T26 Portable Karaoke Machine


Whether you’re hosting a party in your home or in your garden, the EARISE T26 Portable Karaoke Machine is a great option to have around when you want to take things to the next level. The highly portable device includes a built-in carrying handle and comes with a wireless microphone for freedom as you belt out a tune. You’ll also find a remote control that can be stored in the back of the device. It offers Bluetooth connectivity along with a range of other physical options and has a rechargeable battery that offers at least 4.5 hours of non-stop music when the volume is at its maximum level.

best karaoke machine earise t26 portableImage courtesy of Amazon


6. Singtrix Party Bundle


The Singtrix Party Bundle will make you feel less like you’re singing karaoke and more like you’re an actual rockstar (or pop star, or rapper, etc). That’s because it comes with pro vocal effects and auto-tuning, meaning that you don’t need to be a great singer to sound like one. It comes with a microphone and stand, and the stand has a built-in console. There’s also a large speaker that looks like a floor monitor you’d see at a concert.

best karaoke machine Singtrix Party BundleImage Courtesy of Amazon


7. BONAOK Wireless Karaoke Microphone


If you’re looking for a compact, lightweight and well-reviewed karaoke device, the BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone is your answer. It comes in nine different color options and looks very much like a standard microphone. The smart microphone is compatible with a range of devices and apps using the built-in Bluetooth connectivity or by connecting it using the supplied audio cable. The intuitive design includes a range of buttons that allow you to turn the microphone on and off, adjust the volume level and skip through tracks at your leisure. Furthermore, the advanced internal speaker includes high-quality noise reduction for improved clarity as you sing. This budget-friendly option is ideal for partying anywhere, whether you’re at home by yourself, visiting a friend’s house or just trying to keep the family entertained on a long journey.

best karaoke machine bonaok wireless bluetoothImage courtesy of Amazon


8. 808 Karaoke Machine


If you like the feel of having your microphone mounted on a stand, consider the 808 Karaoke Machine. Not only does this advanced device keep your hands free to dance, hold a drink or jive, but the wisely constructed base also incorporates everything you need to stay in control of your performance. This includes everything from the volume control and built-in speakers to the colorful disco lights and voice-effect buttons. Furthermore, the stand includes a shelf for your tablet or smartphone, while the height is easily adjusted to suit the preference of the performer, whether they’re an adult or a child.

best karaoke machine 808 machineImage courtesy of Amazon


9. RHM Karaoke Machine


Karaoke machines tend to look — at best, kitschy. This option from RHM has a sleek and stylish design, resembling a classic Bluetooth speaker. Two UHF wireless microphones are included, and the microphones have convenient on-mic controls for volume and reverb. You can connect to the speaker using Bluetooth to enjoy your favorite karaoke app.

RHM Karaoke Machine, best karaoke machineImage Courtesy of Amazon


10. Karaoke USA DJ Karaoke Equipment


If you’re the type of singer who needs to see the lyrics, then you need a karaoke machine with a built-in screen, like the Karaoke USA DJ Karaoke Equipment. This speaker has its own seven-inch color screen. It also comes with two microphones, a remote control and 300 MP3G songs on a DVD disc, so you’re ready to start singing right from day one. The machine will also work with a normal karaoke CDG, any karaoke DVD or any of your devices that can connect to an auxiliary cable.

SAVE $40!
best karaoke machines karaoke usaImage courtesy of Amazon


11. Moukey Karaoke Machine


Take your karaoke skills to the next level with the Moukey Karaoke Machine. This portable speaker boasts a 540-watt, 10-inch subwoofer as well as two three-inch tweeters, giving you a well-rounded sound. The machine can stream music from your devices using an audio connection cable or Bluetooth. It is also capable of playing music from a Micro SD card or a Flash USB. And, not only is this Moukey device great for karaoke but it can also be used as a simple music player, a PA system or an FM radio.

best karaoke machines moukeyImage courtesy of Amazon


12. Fifine UHF Dual Channel Microphone


If you already have a speaker system in your home and want to add an extra karaoke dimension, try the Fifine UHF Dual Channel Wireless Microphone. It’s ideal for parties, schools and meetings and can easily be used in conjunction with TV, smartphone and tablet-based karaoke programs. The set includes two wireless, handheld microphones with the option of adding a third, wired option. The control unit includes dials for adjusting the volume of each individual microphone which is ideal for singers who struggle to control their volume naturally.

best karaoke machine fifine uhf dual channel wirelessImage courtesy of Amazon


13. VeGue Portable Karaoke Machine


For pop stars who love to practice on the go, we give you the VeGue Portable Karaoke Machine. This four-piece device includes two wireless microphones and a two-speaker system as well as a remote control. The speakers include a handy carrying strap that can act as a hook, handle, stand or over-the-shoulder fixture. The device comes in a funky black and camo green design, and it lets you control the treble, bass and echo coming from the speaker. Furthermore, the machine’s versatility makes it capable of being used as a general Bluetooth speaker for other needs, like business meetings and online gaming. It also boasts connections for instrument jacks and recording capabilities.

VeGue Portable Karaoke Machine, best karaoke machineImage courtesy of Amazon


14. RHM Home Karaoke System


Adding the RHM Home Karaoke System to your home doesn’t just make you karaoke ready, it makes your home look cooler, too. This stylish device features a smart LED display, raw wood housing and a classy silicone button panel to complete the look. Functionally, it houses a 2.1 home-theater speaker and comes with two microphones which boast a wireless range up to 40 feet and are easily stored in the system’s built-in holsters. Each microphone is made from a high-strength aluminum alloy and includes a range of buttons for controlling the speaker and microphone volume, reverberation and bel canto.

best karaoke machine rhm home systemImage courtesy of Amazon


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The Best At-Home Karaoke Machines

Products featured are independently selected by our editorial team and we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links; the retailer may also receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

Whether you fancy yourself a Mariah or Mick, nothing brings out the rock star in people quite like a good old karaoke night.

While there are countless bars and venues across the country where you can take the stage to belt out a tune or two, these portable karaoke machines free you up from the smokey rooms and intimidating crowds for the comforts of home.

What Are the Best Karaoke Machines?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best karaoke machine for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Set up: We wanted to make sure you didn’t waste valuable singing time fumbling around with wires and settings, so our picks are as close to plug and play as possible.

Size: Portability is key if you want to take your karaoke machine to a party or event. Some of the picks on our list tuck easily into a backpack while others are equipped with a handle and wheels for easy rolling.

Connectivity: Home karaoke machines don’t typically come with a built-in songbook because of the legality around music licensing, so you’ll have to supply the tunes yourself. Our picks all let you connect your phone or tablet to them using a cable, but a couple also support Bluetooth, so you can stream music to them wirelessly.

All you need to do is load up a karaoke app, pull up the lyrics on your device, and start singing along. The karaoke machines on our list feature a handy stand, so you can set your device down to read the lyrics, while freeing up your hands to hold the mic.

Number of singers: Most of our picks come with two microphones, though some have extra inputs to add additional microphones if necessary. You can also use the inputs to plug in an instrument (I.e. a guitar) to accompany whoever is singing.

Extras: New karaoke microphones will have built-in voice effects, to help keep you on pitch, or to modulate your voice say, Alvin and the Chipmunks-style. They’ll also come with a ton of fun features, like dazzling light shows that pulse and project colors throughout the room, and even a disco ball to really turn up those Studio 54 vibes.

Ready to start singing? These favorite karaoke machines won’t turn you into a superstar overnight, but you’ll certainly have a heck of a lot of fun trying.

1. KaraoKing Karaoke Machine

Whether you’re a karaoke pro or just looking to bust out a song or two at your next party, you’ll be hard pressed to find something easier to use than this set from KaraoKing.

The all-in-one karaoke machine gets a fun upgrade with two wireless microphones, Bluetooth speaker, phone and tablet holder, plus a disco ball.

Connect the mics to your machine via Bluetooth, and use the on-board equalization panel to boost the bass, adjust trebles, add effects and more. The machine can sync to your device or to the radio using USB, AUX or Bluetooth, so you can always find a song to play. Use the included remote control to shuffle through songs and settings. Place your phone or tablet on the device stand to read the lyrics easily.

karaoking karaoke machine review


Buy:KaraoKing Karaoke Machineat$219.99

2. TONOR PA System Karaoke Machine

This popular PA system is great for karaoke, but also comes in handy for office presentations, conferences, conventions and religious services too. The powered speaker delivers a whopping 250W of sound, thanks to two three-inch tweeters and an eight-inch subwoofer. An included disco ball and flashing light effects on the front of the speaker turn up the party vibe.

Play music by inserting a USB flash drive or connect the machine to your device via Bluetooth. A built-in RCA cable lets you plug into your TV.

The set comes with two wireless microphones that let dance and move around the room freely while performing, without losing a signal.

TONOR’s noise reduction and anti-interference technology ensure that your voice comes through loud and clear. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery, meantime, lasts up to 12 hours.

best karaoke machine



Buy:TONOR PA System Karaoke Machineat$249.99

3. Singsation All-In-One Karaoke System

With 16 multicolor light modes, ten different voice effects and eight sound effects, this Singsation karaoke system turns a regular song-and-dance into a full-on party.

The voice modulations let you do everything from adding harmonies to going full “chipmunk” mode, while the sound effects include such party starters as an air horn, DJ scratch and cheering. Sixteen different light shows project color patterns throughout the room and onto the ceiling.

The set includes a speaker, one microphone, an adjustable mic stand and a stand for your phone, tablet or songbook. The stand adjusts from two to six-feet in height. Two inputs allow you to add a second mic or guitar to double your fun.



Buy:Singsation All-In-One Karaoke Systemat$149.99

4. Singtrix Party Bundle

From the creators of Guitar Hero, this Singtrix Party Bundle includes everything you need to create a full-scale karaoke setup at home. The set includes a microphone, cable, mic stand, effects pad and powerful 40-watt speaker with a built-in subwoofer.

The speaker alone is worth it for this set, with loud, booming sound that really fills the space. It’s not tinny like other karaoke speakers, and the connection is clean and crisp. The mic is equally impressive, picking up your voice even from a distance, so you don’t have to be pressed right up against it.

The other standout feature: get more than 375+ effects from the included controller, which contains standard modulations based on genre (pop, rock, country, etc.) but also specific voice effects that mimic popular artists and songs. You can also add four-part harmonies to your track, fix your pitch and more.

The plug-and-play design sets up in minutes, and all the settings and effects are easy to learn and figure out. An included device stand lets you prop up your phone or tablet if you need to read the lyrics.

This is the largest karaoke machine on our list, but still portable enough to be able to take with you on the go, whether to a party, wedding or event.

singtrix karaoke machine review


Buy:Singtrix Party Bundleat$359.99
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Singing Machine Karaoke

Sing your heart out with Singing Machine Karaoke, in partnership with Stingray Karaoke. Pair the app to your karaoke machine for the ultimate singing experience! Enjoy a selection of free songs, updated monthly, or purchase an in-app subscription to access thousands of songs.

YOU WANT IT? WE’VE GOT IT! The new & noteworthy + the unforgettable oldies
- Take your pick from over 20,000* karaoke songs
- Look forward to new songs added every Friday
- Can’t choose? Browse popular songs, recent additions, song charts, artists, by decade or language
- Search by artists, title, or lyrics
- Expansive catalog includes pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, Disney, country, Latin, and more!

Enjoy hits in the style of:
⭐️ Let it Go (Disney) / Cast of Frozen
⭐️ Shake it Off / Taylor Swift
⭐️Fight Song / Rachel Platten
⭐️ Happy / Pharrell Williams
⭐️Thunder / Imagine Dragons
⭐️ Party in the U.S.A. / Miley Cyrus
⭐️ Girl on Fire / Alicia Keys
⭐️ Tennessee Whiskey / Chris Stapleton

And sing along to oldies in the style of:
⭐️ Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seems so Good) / Neil Diamond
⭐️ Bohemian Rhapsody / Queen
⭐️ Livin’ on a Prayer / Bon Jovi
⭐️ Eye of the Tiger / Survivor
⭐️ I Will Survive / Gloria Gaynor
⭐️ Hound Dog / Elvis Presley
⭐️ Ring of Fire / Johnny Cash

QUICK & EASY: Ready, set, sing!
- Start the party with popular ready-made mixes
- Connect with Bluetooth®† to enjoy singing along to amplified music with any compatible Singing Machine (audio only)
- Cast videos to your TV with Google Chromecast

SING IT YOUR WAY: Customize your experience
- Be the DJ and queue up to 100 of your favorite songs
- Sing on your own, or with the help of lead vocals (when available)
- Watch high-quality videos or save on bandwidth by choosing lyrics on a black screen

CHOOSE YOUR PLAN: Access songs for FREE or purchase an in-app subscription
- FREE: Every month, access 5 full-length songs. Browse the rest of the catalog and sample 30-seconds of any song.
- 9.99$: WEEKLY ACCESS Perfect if you want to try out the app or access the full song catalog for a karaoke party! Billed weekly, this subscription auto-renews unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
- 14.99$: MONTHLY ACCESS Get the most out of your karaoke singing! Billed monthly, this subscription auto-renews unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

Payment will be charged to your Google Play Store Account at the time of purchase (or auto-renewal) in your local currency equivalent to the USD value as determined by the Google Play Store

To turn off auto-renewal, launch the Google Play Store, tap the menu, select subscriptions. Tap MANAGE for Singing Machine Karaoke, then select Cancel subscription.

View Stingray’s Privacy Policy:

Learn more about The Singing Machine at www.singingmachine.com

*Number of songs available varies by territory.
**Singing Machine system must have BlueTooth® functionality. When using Bluetooth®, only audio is transmitted to the Singing Machine, the lyrics will not display on the machine’s built-in monitor.

Sours: https://play.google.com/
🥳🎙️[Best Seven] Smart Choice Karaoke Home System Packages

If your little one loves to sing and perform, bring home the coolest gift in the world: a karaoke machine! Kid-friendly karaoke machines help your aspiring artist find their voice and make gatherings with friends and family all the more fun by providing endless entertainment and interactive creativity.

The karaoke machines on our list are specifically geared towards kids and have fun features like bright disco lights, characterful casings, and fun voice effects — all while giving them an outlet for belting out their favorite tunes. Some are full-out machines equipped with speakers, while others are simply microphones that have connectivity features like Bluetooth to hook up to your TV. But before you invest in one of these groovy karaoke machines for your little one, there are a few things to consider.

Here’s what to look for, in this order:

Is it age-appropriate?

When looking for the perfect karaoke machine for kids, remember that there's a lot of music out there that you probably don't want to encourage your kids to sing along to. Luckily, there are plenty of karaoke machines that only feature kid-friendly music or are equipped with parental controls. Don't be scared off by Bluetooth options, either, because you can usually set the parental controls on your device to filter the options.

What is its purpose?

Well, singing your heart out is the main purpose, but don't forget about the other reasons why your kid is dying for their very own karaoke machine. Do they want to be a solo act like Lady Gaga and grab the microphone stand in a dramatic expression? Or is this something your kiddo will want to use with friends at the next sleepover? What about taking the show on the road? There are quite a few different kinds of karaoke machines to choose from, so think about what the main purpose of it will be before you shop.

Is it Bluetooth-enabled?

A few karaoke machines for kids will let you stream songs via Bluetooth, which makes the possibilities endless — especially when their favorite artist releases new music. We recommend using these types of karaoke machines with a tablet that already has parental controls set for your kiddo.

If you're ready to shop for your little superstar, take a look at our favorite picks!


Perfect For Parties

The Singing Machine Disco Light Karaoke System
Singing Machineamazon.com



Nothing says "party time" quite like flashing disco lights. This best-selling karaoke machine for kids even acts as its own disco ball. We really like that each microphone input has separate volume controls. That way, one person can sing lead, and another can sing backup.

Setup is simple — all you have to do is connect it to your favorite screen via Bluetooth or a connector cable. Your kids can search on YouTube to find instrumental, lyric-video versions of their favorite songs, or you can bring home some kid-friendly karaoke CDs to use with the system.

Plus, this system has more than 5,000 rave reviews on Amazon, noting things like, "For the price, this is a nice little karaoke machine."

More: These Are the Hottest Toys for Kids Right Now


Cutest Machine

MASINGO Portable Kitty Cat Karaoke Machine



Rock out to some DojaCat on the Kitty Cat Karaoke machine. But don't let the sweet look fool you into thinking this Bluetooth karaoke machine for kids is weak because it's not. It comes with two wireless microphones, a three-hour operation time, TV and AV cables, and a smart device holder.

Plus, it's a gold cat. I mean...


Interactive Light Show

Portable Karaoke Machine


Have you ever wondered what your living room would look like if you hosted a tiny rave full of small humans? Well, with this karaoke machine, you can find all that out and more thanks to the incredibly cool light show this machine produces.

An absolute favorite of the daughter of the Parenting Editor here at Best Products, this machine is powered by Bluetooth and easily syncs with all the best karaoke apps. And when the song is over, just hit the button for the sound of applause or an air horn if it was terrible.

Also, there's no way to block the song "Driver's License;" we already checked. But, we can suggest some great earplugs.


Best Budget

EARISE T15 Portable PA System Speaker



For $40, you wouldn't expect such a powerful speaker. This isn't just a rechargeable karaoke machine — it's also a Bluetooth speaker, a light machine, and it hooks up to anything with a Bluetooth connection. 


Fun Character Karaoke

Frozen Sing Along Boom Box Speaker with Microphone for Fans of Frozen Toys for Girls, Kids Karaoke Machine with Built in Music and Flashing Lights


Let it go! Let it go! We do not doubt that you know exactly how the rest of that song goes. This Disney Frozen 2 MP3 Karaoke Machine has simple controls, and it wirelessly streams audio via Bluetooth.


Best Karaoke Machine for Duets

Singing Machine Kid's Pedestal Kids Karaoke System
Singing Machine Kid'samazon.com


Your kids won't have to wrestle over who gets to play with the karaoke machine first with the Singing Machine Kid's Duet Stand. With six voice-changing options, your tot's vocals can hop from Mariah Carey to Louis Armstrong. 

The recording feature allows your little one to replay their track and enjoy their own cover of “Kiss Me More” over and over again. 


Best Bluetooth-Enabled Mic

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone


This wireless Bluetooth-enabled karaoke mic will turn your family night into a total jam session. With sparkling, colorful LED lights, this mic is travel-friendly and can even be used in outdoor gatherings. Thanks to the mic's built-in recorder and speaker, your little singer can listen to their own replay and sing along.


Best Combo

Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Microphone Stand

Little Pretenderamazon.com


Don't judge a karaoke machine for kids by its size! This little stand can expand and hook up to two microphones. It also includes music effects to amp up their performance. Use the aux cable to connect the microphones and stand to their music.

Plus, after they sing, your kids can even use the foot pedal to play thunderous applause.


Memory Card-Compatible

KOMVOX Karaoke Microphone for Kids


Turn on your Bluetooth and stream your kid's favorite jams with the rechargeable KOMVOX Karaoke Microphone. The LED lights on the end will have your tot feeling like the superstar of the family as they harmonize along with their favorite tunes. 


Best Built-In Features

VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine


This karaoke machine for kids will make your kiddo feel like a lead singer. It features a Music Magic mode that'll turn down the audio of the song so your kiddo's voice can shine. 

With the ability to connect to your phone or MP3 player, your kiddo can rock out to anything they want. When they want to sing and shout solo, the machine has built-in tunes, games, and voice changers that they can enjoy endlessly. 


Cute and Portable

Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Purse Machine
Little Pretenderamazon.com


This karaoke machine for kids is fit for a true diva. We love how compact and lightweight this system is, so your little one can take their show on the road. It also includes 10 songs, an aux port, a wired microphone, and an iPod dock. 


Fun Voice Effects

Kidi Super Star Mic


Your tiniest tot will be the lead singer of the family band with the VTech Kidi Star Music Magic Microphone.

When you connect this karaoke machine for kids to your smartphone or MP3 player, switch it into Music Magic mode to remove the words. Your little one will love using the various sound effects, voice changers, and more than 50 songs and tunes.

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