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Average Intelligence Analyst Salary

Avg. Base Salary (USD)

The average salary for an Intelligence Analyst is $71,


What is the Pay by Experience Level for Intelligence Analysts?

An entry-level Intelligence Analyst with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $57, based on salaries. An early career Intelligence Analyst with years of experience earns an average total compensation of $64, based on salaries. …Read more

What Do Intelligence Analysts Do?

Intelligence analysts generally work for government agencies, and companies which work with the government, in order to provide information about security threats. Although this job involves working many hours within an office environment, it often requires on-field exploration, as well, in order to best understand situations and conduct investigations.

This job may require travel, both local and international, so flexibility with time is very important. Strong computer, research, and …Read more

Job Satisfaction for Intelligence Analyst

Based on responses, the job of Intelligence Analyst has received a job satisfaction rating of out of 5. On average, Intelligence Analysts are highly satisfied with their job.

Gender Breakdown

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An intelligence analyst is an information security professional who usually works for the government. They are responsible for analyzing and interpreting information collected by people in the field. Organizations that hire intelligence analysts include the police, armed forces, and private security firms. (

In the criminal and law enforcement field, intelligence analysts are used to review data to predict what criminals and terrorists may do. The occupation involves intense research using many sources and types of data, such as tactical, strategic, and reporting or collecting.

In the military, intelligence analysts often serve as advisors to Department of Defense analysts. They may be responsible for devising reports and coming up with analytical techniques to communicate data in ways that managers can understand.

Intelligence analysts who work in the FBI tend to spend much of their day reading and researching. They spend hours reading information that special agents collect and then perform more research to determine if there are any gaps in the data. In this way, many intelligence analysts play a critical role in international relations and national security.

Most intelligence analysts have an undergraduate degree related to the sort of information they analyze. For instance, you could have an undergraduate degree in criminal justice, chemistry, physics, Russian studies, and more. It is more likely to land a higher-paying position if you have a master’s degree.

To be an intelligence analyst, you need to have a security clearance from the government, and extensive travel is often involved.

Typical duties of intelligence analysts are:

  • Identify good sources for intelligence data and use them to make vital security decisions.
  • Advise stakeholders on how to enhance data, conclusions, and processes.
  • Identify discrepancies, compare data, and flag any suspect findings.
  • Review intelligence data and provide recommendations to managers.

Intelligence Analyst Salary Outlook

Becoming an intelligence analyst requires ample education, so it is important to understand your salary outlook. Below is detailed salary information about this occupation.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not collect salary data for intelligence analysts. However, the data they have for police and detectives is worth examining. The median wage for police and detectives is $63, as of , with the top 10% earning more than $, Law enforcement officials who work in intelligence in the government could earn towards the higher end of the salary scale for police and detectives. (

BLS also states the top-paying industries for police and detectives. At the federal level, the stated salary could apply to those who work in intelligence:

  • Federal government: $87,
  • State government: $67,
  • Local government: $61,
  • Educational services: $52, reports the average salary for a senior intelligence analyst is $93, with a range between $68, and $, Some specific salaries mentioned include: (

  • Booz, Allen, and Hamilton: $84,
  • CACI International: $89,
  • US Army: $84,
  • US Air Force: $77,
  • Leidos: $,
  • BAE Systems: $90,

Skills that are valued in intelligence analysis and typical salaries are:

  • Research analysis: $90,
  • Data analysis: $87,
  • Signals intelligence: $99,
  • Human intelligence: $97,
  • Geospatial intelligence: $98,

Your salary as an intelligence analyst at the senior level will increase with experience:

  • One to four years of experience: $84,
  • Five to nine years of experience: $90,
  • Ten to 19 years of experience: $91,
  • 20 years or more of experience: $

Below are cities where you can earn more or less in this field:

  • Washington DC: +10%
  • Fort Meade, Maryland: +10%
  • Reston, Virginia: -1%
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado: -6%
  • San Antonio, Texas: -7%
  • Charlottesville, Virginia: %
  • Tampa, Florida: % reports the national average salary for an intelligence analyst is $66, with a range between $21, and $, ( Most intelligence analysts earn between $40, and $90,

This website reports the average salary in this field is $56, (

This website states the average salary for an intelligence analyst is $80, ( Top-paying locations are:

  • Washington DC: $,
  • San Francisco: $,
  • Chicago: $,
  • New York City: $,
  • Houston: $81,
  • Dallas: $79,
  • San Antonio: $79,

Job Outlook for Intelligence Analysts

According to, the job outlook in this field has been positive since Vacancies in the intelligence analyst field have increased by 27% since , with typical growth of % each year. Demand for workers in this field is anticipated to rise, with 20, jobs by This is an annual increase of % over the next several years. ( The highest number of intelligence analysts are employed in California, Texas, Florida, and New York.

According to BLS, the job outlook for police and detectives is average, with a 5% growth in jobs expected by , which is about fast as average. Demand for employment in this field varies widely by area and is driven by funding at the state and local level. (

However, intelligence analysts often work in the state and federal government, and depending on their specific skills, job demand could be greater.

Intelligence Analyst Salary by State

StateHourly WageAnnual Salary
New York - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$76,
Massachusetts - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$76,
New Hampshire - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$74,
Maryland - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$70,
Hawaii - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$70,
Alaska - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$70,
Nevada - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$70,
Montana - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$70,
North Dakota - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$70,
Wyoming - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$70,
Idaho - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$70,
Vermont - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$70,
Nebraska - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$69,
Connecticut - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$69,
Washington - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$69,
Rhode Island - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$69,
California - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$69,
Virginia - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$68,
New Jersey - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$67,
Arizona - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$66,
West Virginia - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$66,
Colorado - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$66,
Pennsylvania - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$66,
South Dakota - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$66,
Minnesota - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$66,
South Carolina - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$66,
Oregon - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$66,
Tennessee - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$66,
Delaware - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$65,
Utah - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$65,
Kentucky - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$65,
Kansas - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$65,
Ohio - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$65,
Indiana - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$64,
Oklahoma - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$64,
Wisconsin - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$64,
Iowa - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$64,
Louisiana - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$64,
Maine - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$63,
Texas - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$63,
Alabama - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$62,
Georgia - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$62,
Arkansas - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$62,
New Mexico - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$62,
Mississippi - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$61,
Michigan - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$61,
Illinois - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$61,
Missouri - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$60,
Florida - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$59,
North Carolina - Intelligence Analyst Salary$$53,

Source:, January


The job title ‘intelligence analyst’ might make you think of the CIA or FBI. While those are possible career paths, the intelligence analysis field can offer you many other career opportunities in various government branches, such as the Army or Navy, or in IT companies such as Booz, Allen, and Hamilton. To become a successful intelligence analyst, you need to have intense training and education. But for those who work hard and get the appropriate bachelor’s or master’s degree, this field is growing and offers high salaries.

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Intelligence analyst salary

Intelligence analyst earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Intelligence analyst salary by state

State NameAverage Salary
District of Columbia$,
North Carolina$50,
North Dakota$83,
New Hampshire$71,
New Jersey$,
New Mexico$83,
New York$84,
Puerto Rico$50,
Rhode Island$77,
South Carolina$48,
South Dakota$61,
West Virginia$97,

How do intelligence analyst salaries compare to similar careers?

Intelligence analysts earn about the same as related careers in the United States. On average, they make less than economists but more than sailors.

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)

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