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P90 Sized Fat Humbucker - Dogear

P90 Sized Fat Humbucker - Custom Designed for P90 Dogear

Pole Magnets: Alnico 2, 3, 4 or 5
Coil Wire: 42AWG Plain Enamel
Lead Wire: Vintage Braided or Modern 4-Way
Bridge: 8.4k
Neck: 7.3k

More of a warmer, PAF style P90 Dogear sized Bridge or Neck Humbucker

PLEASE NOTE: Only available in the taller bridge height Dogear Covers - If you need a neck position pickup in the shallower or slanted cover (Casinos etc) Sorry but these won't fit

A bar magnet PAF style bridge or neck humbucker pickup inside a P90 Dogear that requires no modifications to your guitar at all. Its essentially the standard humbucker design of two coils with bar magnet and steel pole and/or screws. A completely direct drop-in replacement with your choice of Alnico 2, 3, 4 or 5 magnets.

Warmer, classic humbucker tones with the option of more traditional 6 visible pole screws and hidden steel slugs under the cover or 12 visible pole screws. P90 Dogear covers, although made of plastic, are quite thick meaning the hidden steel slugs are just that little bit further away from the strings whereas the full set adjustable pole screw option means all 12 pole screws can be adjusted to suit your neck radius or to dial in individual strings for emphasis. I offer both these options as some customers prefer the more vintage humbucker 'look' whereas others want more clarity & definition.

A great replacement humbucker for standard P90 Dogear Pickups and if you'd like a PAF style replacement humbucker for your Les Paul Jnr Guitar.

You can find more details of my Creamery Custom Shop Handwound Replacement P90 Pickups here.

Sours: https://www.creamery-pickups.co.uk/p90-sized-fat-humbucker-dogear.html

P-90 Dogear

Lollar P-90 Dog Ear Style Pickups

All P90 Soap Bar soundfiles with clean and dirty tone were played by Greg Timmons using a Agile LP copy and a brown Fender Vibrolux amp.

This song is from the Supersucker's EP of the same name. The guitars on this clip use our P-90 pickup.Hear more of the Supersuckers at www.supersuckers.com

All guitar sounds were recorded with our stock P-90 set in a Les Paul and played through a Vox amp, with no extra equalizing during mix down.

Clip 1 using our standard P90s played with mild overdrive.
Clip 2 using our standard P90s played with overdrive.



Matte Black

Matte Cream


Colors shown here may vary slightly from actual colors due to differences in computer monitors.

Would recommend this product.
Would recommend this product.
What could possibly work better in Les Paul Jr? I can't say, when there's only one pickup around, this is The One. Got bit closer to Blackberry Smoke's Charlie Starr - at least soundwise...
Great addition to a new Casino
Recently acquired a new Epiphone Casino as a beater guitar that I could mod guilt free. Among other upgrades, swapped out both p90s with Lollars, and instantly put the guitar into another class entirely. Stock pickups were microphonic and spiky, Lollars balanced, and smooth to biting and blended nicely. Would do it again in a heartbeat.
I bought these P 90's for a Epiphone Casino. I replaced the pots and caps with CTS and Bumblebee parts. The Lollars are very bright and in my estimation not very authentic sounding. The have a sound all their own. I wanted a 1950's sounding pickup. They are well made but not to my liking. I will sell them and try another maker of P90's.
Rivolta single P90 upgrade
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
All, So I build custom amps for bands and needed a P90 and I like single pickup guitars (Collings 290S with Lollar Gold Foil, Esquire with Lollar BS, Les Paul Junior with Lollar Imperial). Anyway got the P90 Dog Ear and rewired the guitar and it went from a $699 guitar to easily a $2000 with this pickup upgrade.
this pickup was put into a 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior that the original was in horrible shape & sounded terrible unfortunately... my gear is the Junior, Tube Screamer, & 1974 Marshall Super Lead 100 & 2 Marshall cabs w/20w Greenbacks... this pickup sounds killer, very sweet, warm, & gets nasty when at full volume, great tones, very versatile, no issues at all, totally love this pickup, Im not a bedroom player, just sayin cuz alot of gear sounds good at low volume & not the same when at band volumes. if I needed another P90 I would get a Lollar for sure!!!
New life for 2000 Epi Casino
Location: Temple Hills, Md
Rebuilt an ok Peerless Casino with Lollar P90 dogears. Staff steered me away from metal covers and the result has a truly fine sound -- sweet, clean tone with a lot of punch. Couldn't be happier.
Location: Suisun City, California
Years ago my work horse was a 54’ Junior. It had the sweetest, crunchiest tone I ever heard. Due to a family emergency, I had to sell it. Fast forward to today and the same guitar is unaffordable and out of reach. After extensive modifications on an Epi Junior, includ- Ing a Lollar dogear, I have my Junior back!
Not sure what it was called but it mimicked the original ow output vintage style found on the original Casinos. In any case I ordered a pair to replace the original ones on the Casino. I was not enamored of the guitar when I played it through an AC30. I switched the pickups and thought that the Chinese made Casino would still not sound good so I put it away. When went to a friends recording studio and played it in a live room, this time without using a load-box and instead miking the cabinet of a Music-man 65 2-12 the sound was wonderful. I am now suing it with a wah through a Fender Blues deluxe run through a Koch load box and will now make this my practice and small venue guitar.
Sours: https://www.lollarguitars.com/mm5/
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All About Dogear Pickups

If you’re ever looking at purchasing one of our P90‘s, chances are, you might have a Dogear Style P90. Dogear P90 Pickups have a few different qualities to them that might be confusing for some. We thought we’d take some time and shed some light on these qualities, so you can order with confidence.


Dogear Standard Side View

One subject of confusion is whether to go with a “Short” Dogear or not. This is pretty easy to identify – observe your guitar! To identify a Standard DogearP90, look at it’s covers. Standard Dogear Pickups are parallel with the top of the guitar and have equal height on either side. See below for an example of a Standard Dogear.

Fralin Pickups Short Dogear Side View

Short Dogear Pickups have a slanted look to them. One side of the Dogear slants towards the headstock, tilting the pickup forward. Most of the time, you will notice a Standard Dogear Bridge, and a Short Dogear Neck. If you have this setup, you have a “Short Set”.

If you have a Short Set, you might need “Dogear Shims“. Shims are spacers to raise the pickup closer to the strings. Their purpose is to help you get the pickup to it’s ideal height. Read on to learn how to measure your shim height!


Lindy Fralin Pickups Dogear Shims

The purpose of a Dogear Shim is to help raise the pickup to it’s ideal height. Since Dogears are Fixed-height pickups, this is the only way to get around it. Sure, P90’s have adjustable pole pieces, but, those are for micro-fine-tuning the string-to-string balance, not adjusting the entire pickup. Let’s dig into how we can measure for Shims, if you need one (or two)!  We have three shim sizes available:

  1. 0.0626″ (1/16″)
  2. 0.1″ (~7/64″)
  3. 0.225″ (~7/32″)


Before we talk about Shims, let’s get into pickup height. The ideal pickup height is 1/16″ (0.06″, 1.6mm) from the top of the pole piece, to the bottom of the string- when pushed down at the highest fret. You only have to do this on the Low E and High E string. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Have a ruler handy, and push your low E string down at the highest fret.
  2. Measure the distance from the top of the pole piece to the bottom of the string
  3. Ideal height should be 1/16″.

Repeat this on the High E String.


Since the cover of a Standard Dogear is 7/16″ High, and you need 1/16″ String Clearance, you need 1/2″ from the bottom of the string to the top of the guitar for ideal dogear height. If you measure taller than that, and you need a shim. Simply take the difference and install!

For example, if you take the measurement, and you measure 9/16″, you’ll need a 1/16″ Shim.


If you followed the above directions regarding Standard Shim Spacing, you should have no problem with Short Dogear Spacing. The process is the same, but the measurements are slightly different. Take a look at the diagram below.

As you can see, ideally, you want roughly 13/32″ (0.406″, 10.3mm) from the bottom of the string to the guitar’s top, measured from the back of the dogear. This is the easiest place to take a measurement, so bust out those calculators and we hope that this article helps you find the ideal Dogear height!

Sours: https://www.fralinpickups.com/2018/05/24/all-about-dogear-pickups/
I put a Cheap P90 pickup in a Les Paul Studio Guitar

Antiquity™ P90 Dog Ear

Vintage P90 Dog ear Pickups 11034 66 Banner
Vintage P90 Dogear Pickup 11034 66


Vintage P90 Dogear Pickup 11034 65


Vintage P90 Dogear Pickup 11034 65 RSPD


Vintage P90 Dogear Pickup 11034 66


Vintage P90 Dogear Pickup 11034 66 RSPD


Antiquity P90 Dog Ear Set Black


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Capture the weathered midrange growl and grit of an original ’59 ES-330 with our Antiquity P-90 Dog Ear pickups.


DCR – Short for DC Resistance, is measured in Ohms and is the total resistance of the copper wire wound around a coil form. The length of the coil form, the number of turns and the gauge of wire all affect the DCR reading. DCR is often used as a gauge of output because as the turns increase, so does the output, though magnet type and the coil geometry also influence output.
Magnet – We use several different magnet formulations: Alnico 2, Alnico 3, Alnico 4, Alnico 5, Alnico 6, Alnico 8 and Ceramic 5/8. In the case of pickups, the most significant characteristic is the gauss strength, which is a measure of the density of the magnetic field. Of the magnets we use, Alnico 3 has the lowest gauss strength. From there in order of ascending strength you have A2, A4, A5, A6, Ceramic and A8. As the gauss strength goes up, so does the output. The magnets at the lower end of the scale tend to produce a softer attack and a degree of “bloom” to the envelope of the note. Ceramic magnets should be considered as an individual case because they do not contain any nickel or iron. This has the effect of decreasing the inductance of the pickup and significantly raising the resonant frequency. It is for this reason that many consider ceramic magnets to have a brittle sound, not their gauss strength. Looking at this from another point of view, ceramic magnets can be said to produce increased clarity, better note definition and faster response to picking.
Output – The overall output of a passive pickup is influenced by several design factors: number of turns of wire on the coil(s), strength of the magnet, coil geometry and magnetic circuit geometry.The output of an active pickup is influenced by the same factors but is predominantly determined by the design of the onboard preamp.



DCR:  Neck: 7.80, Bridge: 8.60, Bridge 8.60k, Neck 8.20k 

Magnet: Alnico 2

Cable: 1c Braided Shield

Type: Passive

OUTPUT (Choose dropdowns to display)

DCR: (Choose dropdowns to display)

Magnet: Alnico 2

Product Details

Please use the amp to the right to select which position, tone and mix you'd like to hear sample of.


Our Antiquity P90 Dog Ear pickups use two specially calibrated alnico 2 bar magnets, and custom neck and bridge coil winds to deliver the sweet, vintage correct growl of late 50s ES-330 P90 pickups. In the neck position, chords are full and round sounding, and single notes have a sweet, bouncy quality. In the bridge, chords have a gritty, honky midrange, and single notes are nice and articulate without sounding harsh. The neck pickup is also wound RW/RP to be hum-cancelling when paired with the bridge position model. If you remove our hand aged dog ear cover, you’ll find the same hand fabricated bobbin, plain enamel mag wire, and flatback tape that was made in Kalamazoo during the early days. These pickups are drop-in replacements for any standard Gibson P90 Dog Ear sized route, and come with aged black covers.

Wiring & Resources

Dimensions: P-90 Dog Ear

For wiring diagrams, click here.

The E.Q. chart gives you a general idea as to the bass, mids and treble of each pickup position

Hand Built in California. Period Correct. Every Time.

Our team of master builders have been with us for an average of 21 years—they take pride in crafting our products to create the most amazing sound possible.

Take Your Tone For A Test Drive

If you’re not 100% pleased with the sound of your Seymour Duncan pickups, you can exchange them for up to 21 days after purchase. This offer applies to any pickups bought from an authorized Seymour Duncan dealer in the USA.

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